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Pakistani police backed by armored vehicles detained opposition leader Benazir Bhutto at her Islamabad residence Friday and reportedly rounded up 5,000 of her supporters to block her mass protest against emergency rule.

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Pakistan is a mess at the moment with three main contenders for power, all of which have serious liabilities. Former Prime Minister Bhutto has been involved in numerous corruption scandals some of which are covered here.  The current President Musharraf took control in a military coup, and the guy he ousted, Nawaz Sharif has been living in exile in Saudi Arabia and allies himself with Islamic extremists in Pakistan.

Of the three Sharif is obviously the most dangerous, and though Bhutto seems to have a great deal of public support her interests in the past have generally been acquiring more personal wealth and less about preserving Pakistani democracy. 

Musharraf has been slow to return Pakistan to civillian rule following his takeover, but it seems to me that democracy stands a better chance of returning to Pakistan under him than it does with either of his main political rivals.  

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