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Is there anyone who honestly thought Dems were serious about instituting some ethical standards on Pork Spending? If so thier hopes and dream have just been shattered.  And they can thank “Ringside Harry Reid” for keeping the corruption option on the table.

From the Blotter

When no one was looking, someone cut a hole out of the Democrats’ much-hyped ethics bill. A watchdog group which caught it suspects the Democrats of undermining their own effort to clean up Capitol Hill.

Dubbed “the biggest reform effort in a generation” by its sponsor, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., the Legislative Transparency and Accountability Act of 2007 represented the Democrats’ plan “to change the way Washington works.”

Legislative Transparency… Yeah Right… Is it Transparent how the language was changed After the Senate voted on it  and the President signed it into law?

When asked for comment on the change, a spokesman for Reid told the Blotter on, “In the course of finalizing the ethics law, we refined various provisions to make them rational, workable and cohesive.” Of the final version, he said it “provides ample public disclosure of earmarks in a workable fashion.”

Sen. Tom Coburn, R-Okla., a longtime antagonist of the earmarking system, disagreed.

“Voters who expected greater transparency and openness in Washington won’t be pleased to learn about another round of secrecy and deception,” he said.

The disclosure provision was meant to cut down on earmark abuse — instances where lawmakers use earmarks to funnel taxpayer money to pet projects or businesses belonging to major campaign donors.

It is thoroughly amazing that Congress still manages to get an astonishingly high 11% approval rating…

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