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 A South Carolina State Senator is proposing a bold plan to force the Federal Government to find a solution to the problem of Illegal Immigration. A National Constitutional Convention.

From the Charleston Post Courrier

constitution_small.jpgCongress’ failure to achieve a workable policy on illegal immigration has left the states in the unenviable position of dealing with the difficult consequences. One leading South Carolina legislator is urging a response that will be sure to encourage Congress’ renewed attention.

Glenn McConnell, Senate President Pro Tem, wants the South Carolina Legislature to start the process of demanding a national constitutional convention to deal with the immigration issue. The convention would seek an amendment to give states greater authority to deal with illegal immigrants. And it would require the federal government to deport illegals picked up by the states.

Sen. McConnell, a Charleston Republican, will seek approval of a resolution in the General Assembly with the expectation that like-minded leaders in other states will take up the cause. Approval by two-thirds of state legislatures would force a constitutional convention. It’s likely, however, that a groundswell of support for Sen. McConnell’s proposal would bring about needed action in the Congress before the states step into the breach.

Hopefully there will be some Senator’s and Representatives in Washington that will be paying attention and actually come up with a solution… With Democrats in the leadership positions in Congress however, I have my doubts…

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