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Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf is only making matters worse for himself and for Pakistan.  It is time for him to end the state of emergency, restore the constitution, hang up his uniform and return the nation of Pakistan to civilian democratic rule.  Arresting political opposition leaders only ensure greater public support for the various opposition movements in Pakistan.  Some of those Opposition Groups are very closely tied with Al-Qaeda & the Taliban.  Anything that increases their popularity and power in a nation with Nuclear Weapons is a danger to us all.  

From Bloomberg

Imran Khan, Pakistan’s cricket captain turned lawmaker, was arrested under emergency rule, hindering former prime minister Benazir Bhutto’s attempts to unite opposition to President Pervez Musharraf.

Khan was driven away by authorities after he was detained at Punjab University in Lahore, said Ahmed Awais, spokesman for his Tehrik-e-Insaaf party.


 Iran is still active in supporting terrorism and insurgents in Iraq… Like anyone expected otherwise…

The quantity of Iranian bomb-making components being found in Iraq is increasing despite a fall in attacks and 20 Iranian-trained agents are still operating south of Baghdad, a top U.S. general said on Sunday.

Extensive Iranian influence in Iraq remained evident, said Major-General Rick Lynch, despite signs of a possible easing of tensions between Washington and Tehran over security in Iraq.

Lynch said his troops were chasing 20 “targets” he identified as Iraqi Shi’ites who were agents for the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps’s (IRGC) elite Qods Force.

“They were trained in Iran and they’re conducting operations in our battle space,” Lynch told reporters. “They’re Iraqis but they’re IRGC surrogates and they’re still out there.”

Lynch said in August that military intelligence suggested there were about 50 IRGC troops in southern Iraq training Shi’ite militias in the use of mortars and rockets.

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Despite Progress in Iraq, Pelosi & Company still intend to keep the surrender option on the table.  Below are some of the Postitive elements in a USA Today article.

  • Rocket and mortar attacks in Iraq have decreased to their lowest levels in more than 21 months.
  • terrorist acts including car bombings and other spectacular, al-Qaeda-style attacks dropped by 77% in the capital.
  • Associated Press figures show a sharp drop in the number of U.S. and Iraqi deaths across the country in the past few months.

And some Recent comments from Pelosi and John “Cut-N-Run” Murtha from this AP article.


It’s a war without end, There is no light at the end of the tunnel. We must reverse it.


Bush will have to accept some timetable on troop withdrawals if he wants the money. I don’t think you’ll see the House pass anything without restrictions.

One thing is certain, cutting off funds or placing an artificial timetable for withdrawal will definately reverse the trend. There will be an increase in violence, terrorism, and body counts, both Iraqi’s and Americans.

There has been a great deal of recent progress made in Iraq, now is the time to increase pressure on the terrorists and insurgents, and allow the political progress to further develop throughout Iraq.

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Hat Tip to Theodore’s World for the Graphic

Nancy Pelosi and company are once again threatening to abandon troops deployed in Iraq to make a political statement. At a time when very significant progress is being made in Iraq in quelling the violence and defeating the terrorists, Democrats seem desperate to snatch Defeat from the Jaws of Victory. 



House Democrats are planning another veto showdown with President Bush on the Iraq war. And this time, they say they won’t back down.

The House planned to vote as early as next week on a $50 billion war spending bill that would require Bush to begin withdrawing troops. The measure identifies a goal of ending combat by December 2008, leaving only enough soldiers and Marines behind to fight terrorists, train Iraqi security forces and protect U.S. assets.

In a private caucus meeting on Thursday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told rank-and-file Democrats the bill was their best shot at challenging Bush on the war. And if Bush rejected it, she said, she did not intend on sending him another war spending bill for the rest of the year.

One hell of a nice message to be sending the troops around Veterans Day…. Of Course that is a holiday that the crowd probably will not be observing…

One has to wonder if the Democrat Presidential Candidates will be supporting this…

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Notice that when Tim Russert asked the Candidates

Is there anyone here that believes that an Illegal Immigrant should not have a Drivers License?

Only one of the candidates had the courage to reply that driving is a privilege not a right.  I disagree with Senator Dodd on almost every issue in this campaign but I got to respect him for taking a position that is opposite of the rest of his party’s candidates.

Since Dodd is at best a long shot to get the nomination, it is pretty clear which party is willing to make it easier for terrorists to have access to legal identification doccuments for the sake of thier own short term political gain.  

The monthly toll of U.S. service members who have died in Iraq is on track to being the lowest in nearly two years, with at least 36 troop deaths recorded as of Tuesday, but the military cautioned it’s too early to declare a long-term trend.

So when can we expect that public apology from Hillary Clinton to General Petraeus for her comments at the Senate Hearing on progress in Iraq. 

“The reports that you provide to us really require the willing suspension of disbelief,”

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Intel official says Washington promoting Palestinian state to pay for Arab support.

A senior Palestinian intelligence official said that based on meetings with American diplomats he “understood” the US plans to target Iran’s suspected nuclear installations in two to three months if negotiations with Tehran don’t generate a major breakthrough.

The official, speaking to WND yesterday on condition of anonymity, said according to what he “understood,” the US will “pay” for Arab support for a US strike against Iran by creating a temporary Palestinian state in the Gaza Strip and most of the West Bank by next summer.

Something needs to be done to prevent Iran from attaining Nuclear Weapons, but I don’t think anyone in the Administration is pushing for a military strike on Iranian Nuke Facilities… At least not yet.

As for the source… a Senior Palestinian Intelligence Official who chooses to remain Anonymous… Yeah Right….  I think it is far more likely that some Palestinians who’s power is based on the continued conflict with Israel is attempting to undermine any attempt to achieve a peaceful resolution to the conflict.

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While the socialists like A.N.S.W.E.R. march to protest the War in Iraq & urging surrender in the War on Terror some other events that occurred in Iraq and point to significant progress being made there go under reported, and in many cases not reported at all in the major media outlets.

Nine Militants, Anti-aircraft Gun Captured

Paratroopers captured nine suspected al-Qaida terrorists and an anti-aircraft gun in north Babil, Oct. 24.

Coalition Forces in Iraq Continue to Disrupt Terrorist Networks

Coalition forces captured two wanted individuals and detained another four suspects early this morning during operations to disrupt al Qaeda networks in central and northern Iraq, and military officials report numerous weapons caches discovered and suspects detained in operations over past several days.

— In Baghdad, coalition forces captured a wanted individual reportedly attempting to re-establish the city’s car-bombing operations after significant degradation by coalition forces. During several recent operations, coalition forces captured suspects with ties to the car-bombing network involved in attacks against Iraqi civilians and security forces.

— In an operation to disrupt foreign terrorist networks in Mosul, coalition forces captured a wanted individual believed to be a terrorist cell leader in the southern part of the city. The suspect is believed to have a long history of terrorist activity and is associated with several al Qaeda senior leaders.

— Intelligence gained from previous operations led coalition forces north of Habbaniyah to a location believed to be an al Qaeda safe house and meeting place. During the operation, the ground forces were targeting an alleged associate of the al Qaeda senior leader. Reports indicate the targeted individual previously was responsible for finances and served under several terrorist leaders who fought coalition forces in Fallujah in 2004. Three suspected foreign terrorists were detained.

— In another operation, coalition forces detained a suspected terrorist southwest of Kirkuk while targeting an associate of an al Qaeda in Iraq member believed to be the senior terrorist leader in the province. The targeted individual allegedly makes frequent trips across northern Iraq and has knowledge of al Qaeda operations in the province, including the whereabouts of foreign terrorists operating in the region. “This operation is another example of our continued success against al-Qaeda,” said Army Maj. Winfield Danielson, a Multinational Force Iraq spokesman. “Their networks are being systematically dismantled by Iraqi and coalition forces, disrupting their operations, diminishing their pool of manpower and limiting their ability to attack innocent Iraqis.”

Citizen Tip Leads to Massive EFP, Explosives Cache

A concerned citizen led coalition forces to the largest cache of explosively formed penetrators ever found in a single location Oct. 23 in a home in Saada village, Iraq, officials reported.

Coalition forces capture extremist splinter group leader 

Coalition forces captured a senior militia extremist, killed two others and detained an additional 14 admitted criminals during operations in the village of al Fawwaliyah, northwest of Khalis, early Saturday. 

The operation was targeting a splinter group leader, who was not honoring Muqtada al-Sadr’s pledge to cease attacks and who was involved in weapons procurement, kidnapping operations and explosively formed penetrator attacks against Coalition forces. Intelligence indicates that this individual also has ties to an Iranian intelligence cell.

Iraqi Government Must Solidify Accomplishments, General Says

Army Maj. Gen. Benjamin R. Mixon told Pentagon reporters via a teleconference from his headquarters near Tikrit that a key to success in northern Iraq “will be the government’s ability to capitalize on the current concerned citizen movements, leveraging them as a bridge to Sunni inclusion and reconciliation.”

Mixon, commander of the 25th “Tropic Lightning” Division, will turn command of Multinational Division North over to Maj. Gen. Mark P. Hertling of the 1st Armored Division shortly. The general looked back on his 15-month deployment to the country and noted many positive outcomes.

He said the greatest example of success is with the Iraqi army. When the 25th Infantry Division arrived in August 2006, all of Iraq’s army divisions in Multinational Division North were operating under coalition control. “In other words, I had command of those divisions,” he said. “By contrast, today all four Iraqi army divisions are under Iraqi control, and they now routinely conduct unilateral and joint operations.”

Ok This appears to have been a Hoax… Much thanks to Stormwarning for pointing this out to me…

Now whoever started this Hoax is thoroughly disgusting. They obviously have no respect for those who are fighting the fires, and no sympathy for those who have lost homes or loved ones in the fire.   

I really hate being taken in by this Hoax and will attempt to better verify my posts in the future.

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