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The Clinton Culture of Corruption is thriving, from Illegal donations from Norman Hsu, to shaking down Waiters and busboys in Chinatown, & donations from folks pardoned by her husband.  Another potential scandal surfaced recently in the NY Post


Federal investigators are probing a company run by a wheeler-dealer pal of Hillary and Bill Clinton that has already been accused by stockholders of wasting millions on the former first couple, it was revealed yesterday.

InfoUSA, a database marketing company founded and headed by Clinton friend and megadonor Vin Gupta, filed papers with the Securities and Exchanges Commission. The filing said that the company would comply with the SEC’s efforts to obtain records related to its corporate spending and trades of some company stock.

If the allegations were made against a Republican, you could bet that Democrats would be clamoring for resignations or at least censorship. But since it is connected to the Clintons, Democrats don’t mind a little corruption.

A bit more from the Article.

The lawsuits, filed by two hedge funds, revealed that Gupta sprung for almost $900,000 in jet rides on the company dime for both Clintons since 2001, and a $3.3 million consulting contract for the former president.

Additional allegations against Gupta include one that he improperly awarded 100,000 share options to Bill Clinton without board approval. 

There is an old saying where there is smoke there is fire… When will Democrats wake the hell up and smell the smoke?  

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An article in the NY Sun starts off by asking what do John Deutch, David Herdlinger,  and Alfredo Luna Pharr Regalado  have in common?  It is sort of a trick question in that there are two possible answers that are both correct. The first is that they were all given last minute Pardons by former President Bill Clinton.  The other Answer is that they are all Donors to Hillary Clinton’s Campaign… 

Now you do not have to be a card carrying member of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy to conclude that there is the possability of a quid pro quo here. 

I am sure that Hillary herself will deny any knowledge of the funds donated, and that it had anything to do with the Pardons given by her Husband. Afterall he did pardon 140 and commute the sentences of 36 others on his last day in office.  Keeping track of all those potential donors could be a daunting task for a campaign even one described by the Sun as “…being the most disciplined and determined in modern history.”

There is nothing illegal about Pardoned Felons donating to a polical campaign, since they were given full pardons and have all their rights fully restored.  But it does open the door to Challenge Clinton on her Character & Ethics as well as bring into question again the Character and Ethics of the most indicted administration in History.  

Here is a bit more on the Clinton Legacy and the Character and Ethics they brought to the White House.

– The only president ever impeached on grounds of personal malfeasance
– Most number of convictions and guilty pleas by friends and associates*
– Most number of cabinet officials to come under criminal investigation
– Most number of witnesses to flee country or refuse to testify
– Most number of witnesses to die suddenly
– First president sued for sexual harassment.
– First president accused of rape.
– First first lady to come under criminal investigation
– Largest criminal plea agreement in an illegal campaign contribution case
– First president to establish a legal defense fund.
– First president to be held in contempt of court
– Greatest amount of illegal campaign contributions
– Greatest amount of illegal campaign contributions from abroad
– First president disbarred from the US Supreme Court and a state court

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The Clinton’s, both Bill and Hillary have been associated with a multitude of Felons and corrupt individuals for decades.. So Why on earth is Hillary the leading Dem Candidate for President?

Some of the Clinton Felonious connections include Mochtar Riady, who in 2001 had to pay $8 Million dollars in Federal Election Commission fines.  John Huang raised millions for the DNC nearly half of which had to be returned because of how it was raised or who it came from. Huang was also the organizer behind Al Gore’s Buddhist Temple fundraiser. As part of a plea agreement with federal prosecutors,  Johnny Chung was charged with funneling illegal contributions to the 1996 Clinton-Gore campaign by asking friends and employees of his office technology firm to make donations for which they were later reimbursed. Chung was also charged with engaging in a similar “straw donor” scheme to assist the 1996 reelection bid of Sen. John F. Kerry.

Clinton’s current Fundraising shennanigans include Norman Hsu, Peter Paul, and now another Chinese Straw Donor Scheme reported by the LA Times and The NY Post

While Clinton herself may have escaped any prosecution in these and other scandals, What this does prove is a pattern of conduct, and the extent the Clinton’s will go to enhance their own personal power.

Which Party was it that used a “Culture of Corruption” as a campaign slogan? Isn’t it time for Democrats to make it more than just a slogan, and dump Hillary?

Check out Proprieter Nation’s take on the 2008 election.

More on Clinton’s Chinatown Connection at

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The following post is a bit one sided as it presents only Peter Paul’s version of events, but for a Party that ran it’s 2006 congressional election campaigns based on a Culture of Corruption, you would think that someone in the Democratic party would be questioning Clinton and her associates….

For someone that some people say is the smartest woman on the planet you have to wonder how does she keep getting duped by people like Peter Paul, Norman Hsu, David Rosen, & Sant S. Chatwal.

Clinton will continue to deny any knowledge of wrongdoing and claim she was totally unaware of the financial shenanigans… I guess the plausible deniability is why one of the first acts as President that Bill Clinton did was to create the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell Policy  

From Peter  

A California appellate court ruled several days ago that video taped evidence of Hillary Clinton committing a felony was not admissible in a civil suit against her.

…Paul v Clinton will now proceed against the remaining defendants, former President Bill Clinton, Grammys producer gary Smith and strip club owner James Levin, who exhausted their appeals to the California Supreme Court in 2004 and their trial date for March, 2007 will now be reset for 2008 with Hillary Clinton guaranteed by the judge to be required to testify under oath as a material witness.

With the Clinton’s record of truthfulness, however getting her to testify likely won’t mean much unless she gets caught in a lie under oath.

Here are a couple of Video’s that were posted on YouTube by Peter Paul

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One of the biggest issues of the 2006 election was uncontrolled pork spending.  Democrats like Pelosi and Reid offered up “Culture of Corruption” as a campaign slogan.  It turns out that a Campaign Slogan is all it ever amounted to.  One of the biggest culprits in the padding legislation with various earmarks is none other than Hillary Clinton.

quuen-hillary.jpgFrom Bloomberg

Democrats came into power this year promising meaningful earmark reform to a U.S. electorate that was rightly disgusted with Congress’s free-spending habits. Today, earmarks continue to be out of control, and the predictable result is that the Democratic Congress is now even less popular in national polls than the Republican one before it.

There is an underappreciated angle to the story of how lawmakers steer federal funds toward their pet projects that may yet swing the next presidential election. Democrats have been so busy preparing the coronation of Hillary Clinton that they have failed to train a critical eye on her record.

According to the watchdog group Taxpayers for Common Sense, Clinton has secured queenhillfront.jpg360queenhillfront.jpg earmarks worth a combined $2.2 billion from 2002 to 2006 in all spending and authorization bills, including $250,000 to the Seneca Knitting Mill, and $200,000 to the Buffalo Urban Arts Center.

Many projects I am sure are well worth the investment, but if those projects actually have the merit that proponents claim then there would not be the need for the secrecy involved.  

Uncontrolled earmark spending by congress and the associated corruption that comes with it, is the one issue that does more to undermine public confidence in our elected Representatives. The author of the Bloomberg article had a great question towards the end of the piece.

How can someone who is one of the biggest contributors to the problem be part of the cure?

From The International Herald Tribune 

A U.S. immigration official took money and gifts in exchange for freeing numerous illegal immigrants, one of whom went on to kill a college student from Jordan, federal officials said Wednesday.

The Immigration and Customs Enforcement official also is accused of conspiring with the fugitive owner of a chain of Middle Eastern restaurants to help immigrants gain U.S. residency through fraudulent marriages to U.S. women.

Did this guy not get the Memo? Did he not hear about the War on Terror?

Roy M. Bailey, 54, who was acting director for detention and removal operations in Detroit, has been on leave since 2004 because of the investigation.

Three Years worth of leave time…. I hope it wasn’t a paid vacation.

A federal grand jury indictment against Bailey and four others charges him with taking bribes, concealing a felony and conspiring to commit bribery, extortion and fraud.

The most serious of the charges have a penalty of up to 15 years in prison.

If he is found guilty I hope sees at least that much time…

But I am sure that the Clinton had no knowledge of anything illegal, wait she already used that line with the Norman Hsu fiasco… 

From the Washington Times 

Officials of a defunct pro-Democratic group that was hit with a near-record campaign-finance fine last month hold strong ties to Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton’s presidential campaign, documents show.

At least four persons who worked for the America Coming Together (ACT) fundraising group, which the Federal Election Commission recently fined $775,000, work directly for the Clinton campaign or hold top positions with consulting firms hired by it.

In addition, the group’s former president, longtime Clinton aide Harold Ickes, has been identified as a volunteer adviser to the Clinton campaign. In FEC filings, the campaign listed a debt to Mr. Ickes of more than $2,000 for travel-related costs.

Funded with millions of dollars from billionaire George Soros, America Coming Together (ACT) misused about $70 million in “soft money,” uncapped donations that aren’t supposed to be used to urge election or defeat of a candidate, the FEC determined, saying that some of the money was spent on direct-mail and telemarketing efforts aimed against President Bush and Republicans in key battleground states in 2004.

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Is there anyone who honestly thought Dems were serious about instituting some ethical standards on Pork Spending? If so thier hopes and dream have just been shattered.  And they can thank “Ringside Harry Reid” for keeping the corruption option on the table.

From the Blotter

When no one was looking, someone cut a hole out of the Democrats’ much-hyped ethics bill. A watchdog group which caught it suspects the Democrats of undermining their own effort to clean up Capitol Hill.

Dubbed “the biggest reform effort in a generation” by its sponsor, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., the Legislative Transparency and Accountability Act of 2007 represented the Democrats’ plan “to change the way Washington works.”

Legislative Transparency… Yeah Right… Is it Transparent how the language was changed After the Senate voted on it  and the President signed it into law?

When asked for comment on the change, a spokesman for Reid told the Blotter on, “In the course of finalizing the ethics law, we refined various provisions to make them rational, workable and cohesive.” Of the final version, he said it “provides ample public disclosure of earmarks in a workable fashion.”

Sen. Tom Coburn, R-Okla., a longtime antagonist of the earmarking system, disagreed.

“Voters who expected greater transparency and openness in Washington won’t be pleased to learn about another round of secrecy and deception,” he said.

The disclosure provision was meant to cut down on earmark abuse — instances where lawmakers use earmarks to funnel taxpayer money to pet projects or businesses belonging to major campaign donors.

It is thoroughly amazing that Congress still manages to get an astonishingly high 11% approval rating…

Hang Right Politics has more on the Corruption in Congress

Cross Posted from Hang Right Politics 

Had this guy been a Republican you know that Nancy Pelosi would on the news every day demanding a congressional investigation… Since he is a Democrat though Pelosi and the rest of the Dem leadership has been strangely silent..

From CBS news

(CBS) Sources tell CBS News that authorities are seeking an indictment against Congressman William Jefferson, D-La., on more than a dozen counts involving public corruption.

Jefferson has been the subject of a ongoing probe in which FBI agents allegedly found more than $90,000 in cash in his freezer in August 2005.


Breitbart is reporting that a Federal Grand Jury handed down a 16 Count Indictment.

Rep. William Jefferson, D-La., was indicted Monday on federal charges of racketeering, soliciting bribes and money-laundering in a long- running bribery investigation into business deals he tried to broker in Africa.

The indictment handed up in federal court in Alexandria., Va., Monday is more than an inch thick and list 16 alleged violations of federal law that could keep Jefferson in prison for up to 200 years.

Here are a few posts from around the blogosphere that I found interesting:

Captains Quarters has a couple of posts that should both be must reads..

kerrry.jpgThe First is Kerry’s Magic Veep: Remember the rumors and speculation in 2004 about John McCain becoming the running mate of John Kerry? Apparently Kerry said in an interview with Jonathan Singer that it was McCain who approached the Kerry campaign about the mythical John John ticket.mccain.jpg

Captain Ed points that Kerry has a tendency to fabricate facts and spin reality to put himself in a more favorable light… remember his (Christmas in Cambodia) speech. Lets just say that the source of this claim is less than credible…

In another post The UN Hid North Korean Counterfeits, the Captain blogs about the NY kim-jong-il.jpgSun article about UN Officials aiding and abetting Kim Jong Il in the operation of a criminal enterprise…

The last Paragraph of Captain Ed’s post is an absolute gem: (emphasis is mine)

It would be an insult that we cannot afford to let pass. If the UN does not immediately fire everyone involved in this scandal and revoke their immunity, then we must cut off all funds for the UN and create a timetable for withdrawal from this thoroughly corrupt organization. We have no need of a debating society whose members transform refugee camps into seraglios, who stuff the pockets of dictators with money meant for those they oppress, and who actively assist other nations in undermining our currency. If the UN fails to cooperate, it’s time to push Turtle Bay into the water and bid adieu to the last of the Cold War anachronisms.

The UN building would make great condo’s too…   

From my Blogging buddies at Hang Right Politics Kathy has this post discussing Chuck Schumer and the media circus surrounding the firing of some Federal Prosecutors.  Kathychucky.jpg accurately and elloquintly points out that without the media driven bash Bush agenda Schumer would would not be holding hearings on the issue..

If there was no cooperation by the media, there would be no story. Even a preening Schumer can do the math. Clinton fired the same amount of prosecutors nine times over. There was no investigation then, and no call for one in the press. The Constitution is the ultimate victim here. Prosecutors serve at the pleasure of the President. Period.

Someone turn off the cameras, and watch, Schumer will just go home.

Read the whole post Democrats: The Conflict of Interest Party… on a bit of a side note… Wasn’t it Chuck Schumers aid who committed Identity Theft to aquire Michael Steele’s Credit Report in the 2006 campaign season? Somehow I don’t think Chuck will be demanding congressional investigations into that… But really What did Chuck Know and When did he know it?

And finally from my fellow Milblogger BlackFive, whose post about Ringside Harry Reid’s harry-reid.jpgthreat to cut off funding for troops in Iraq had me rolling on the floor laughing.  Here are the last couple of Paragraphs:

I take heart from the fact that the left has so much juice with the Dems that they have started to believe they won a mandate for immediate withdrawal. They completely mistook America’s MTV length attention span and On Demand mentality for a defeatist, hate America mind set. This will offer a serious eye opener when Harry has to openly declare his party’s position that we have lost the war and must cede the battlefield and the victory to Al Qaeda.

Hey you could have Code Pink and Move ON hold a Defeat Parade to celebrate our loss and the subsequent inability to act as a deterrent  to bad guys anywhere. YEA!!!!!!!!!

So do it  Harry, C’mon don’t  ‘ya feel lucky……punk!

Read the whole post Please let Harry Reid cut off funding