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The Clinton Culture of Corruption is thriving, from Illegal donations from Norman Hsu, to shaking down Waiters and busboys in Chinatown, & donations from folks pardoned by her husband.  Another potential scandal surfaced recently in the NY Post


Federal investigators are probing a company run by a wheeler-dealer pal of Hillary and Bill Clinton that has already been accused by stockholders of wasting millions on the former first couple, it was revealed yesterday.

InfoUSA, a database marketing company founded and headed by Clinton friend and megadonor Vin Gupta, filed papers with the Securities and Exchanges Commission. The filing said that the company would comply with the SEC’s efforts to obtain records related to its corporate spending and trades of some company stock.

If the allegations were made against a Republican, you could bet that Democrats would be clamoring for resignations or at least censorship. But since it is connected to the Clintons, Democrats don’t mind a little corruption.

A bit more from the Article.

The lawsuits, filed by two hedge funds, revealed that Gupta sprung for almost $900,000 in jet rides on the company dime for both Clintons since 2001, and a $3.3 million consulting contract for the former president.

Additional allegations against Gupta include one that he improperly awarded 100,000 share options to Bill Clinton without board approval. 

There is an old saying where there is smoke there is fire… When will Democrats wake the hell up and smell the smoke?  

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An article in the NY Sun starts off by asking what do John Deutch, David Herdlinger,  and Alfredo Luna Pharr Regalado  have in common?  It is sort of a trick question in that there are two possible answers that are both correct. The first is that they were all given last minute Pardons by former President Bill Clinton.  The other Answer is that they are all Donors to Hillary Clinton’s Campaign… 

Now you do not have to be a card carrying member of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy to conclude that there is the possability of a quid pro quo here. 

I am sure that Hillary herself will deny any knowledge of the funds donated, and that it had anything to do with the Pardons given by her Husband. Afterall he did pardon 140 and commute the sentences of 36 others on his last day in office.  Keeping track of all those potential donors could be a daunting task for a campaign even one described by the Sun as “…being the most disciplined and determined in modern history.”

There is nothing illegal about Pardoned Felons donating to a polical campaign, since they were given full pardons and have all their rights fully restored.  But it does open the door to Challenge Clinton on her Character & Ethics as well as bring into question again the Character and Ethics of the most indicted administration in History.  

Here is a bit more on the Clinton Legacy and the Character and Ethics they brought to the White House.

– The only president ever impeached on grounds of personal malfeasance
– Most number of convictions and guilty pleas by friends and associates*
– Most number of cabinet officials to come under criminal investigation
– Most number of witnesses to flee country or refuse to testify
– Most number of witnesses to die suddenly
– First president sued for sexual harassment.
– First president accused of rape.
– First first lady to come under criminal investigation
– Largest criminal plea agreement in an illegal campaign contribution case
– First president to establish a legal defense fund.
– First president to be held in contempt of court
– Greatest amount of illegal campaign contributions
– Greatest amount of illegal campaign contributions from abroad
– First president disbarred from the US Supreme Court and a state court

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Colorado Republican state lawmakers unveiled a package of bills they plan to introduce next year on illegal immigration, including a proposal to deny bail in felony and drunk-driving cases involving people in the country illegally.

Some of the other Provisions include

  • Requiring photo identification to vote.
  • Require detention facilities to determine immigration status of all detainees.

You can bet that Democrats and the ACLU will oppose this and any legislation to address the problems associated with Illegal Immigration.

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From NewsWeek 

Federal prosecutors say a powerful Latino gang systematically targeted rival black gang members and innocent black civilians in a reign of terror.

A south Los Angeles Latino street gang targeted African-American gang rivals and other blacks in a campaign of neighborhood “cleansing,” federal prosecutors say. Alleged leaders and foot soldiers in the Hispanic gang Florencia 13, also called F13, are being arraigned this week on charges stemming from a pair of federal indictments that allege that the gang kept a tight grip on its turf by shooting members of a rival gang—and sometimes random black civilians. The “most disturbing aspect” of the federal charges was that “innocent citizens … ended up being shot simply because of the color of their skin,” U.S. Attorney Thomas O’Brien told reporters in announcing the indictments.

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Some related articles on the race based Gang Violence

18 members of MacArthur Park area gang are indicted

Latino gang tried to force blacks out, indictment says

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Ok This appears to have been a Hoax… Much thanks to Stormwarning for pointing this out to me…

Now whoever started this Hoax is thoroughly disgusting. They obviously have no respect for those who are fighting the fires, and no sympathy for those who have lost homes or loved ones in the fire.   

I really hate being taken in by this Hoax and will attempt to better verify my posts in the future.

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The Clinton’s, both Bill and Hillary have been associated with a multitude of Felons and corrupt individuals for decades.. So Why on earth is Hillary the leading Dem Candidate for President?

Some of the Clinton Felonious connections include Mochtar Riady, who in 2001 had to pay $8 Million dollars in Federal Election Commission fines.  John Huang raised millions for the DNC nearly half of which had to be returned because of how it was raised or who it came from. Huang was also the organizer behind Al Gore’s Buddhist Temple fundraiser. As part of a plea agreement with federal prosecutors,  Johnny Chung was charged with funneling illegal contributions to the 1996 Clinton-Gore campaign by asking friends and employees of his office technology firm to make donations for which they were later reimbursed. Chung was also charged with engaging in a similar “straw donor” scheme to assist the 1996 reelection bid of Sen. John F. Kerry.

Clinton’s current Fundraising shennanigans include Norman Hsu, Peter Paul, and now another Chinese Straw Donor Scheme reported by the LA Times and The NY Post

While Clinton herself may have escaped any prosecution in these and other scandals, What this does prove is a pattern of conduct, and the extent the Clinton’s will go to enhance their own personal power.

Which Party was it that used a “Culture of Corruption” as a campaign slogan? Isn’t it time for Democrats to make it more than just a slogan, and dump Hillary?

Check out Proprieter Nation’s take on the 2008 election.

More on Clinton’s Chinatown Connection at

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The following post is a bit one sided as it presents only Peter Paul’s version of events, but for a Party that ran it’s 2006 congressional election campaigns based on a Culture of Corruption, you would think that someone in the Democratic party would be questioning Clinton and her associates….

For someone that some people say is the smartest woman on the planet you have to wonder how does she keep getting duped by people like Peter Paul, Norman Hsu, David Rosen, & Sant S. Chatwal.

Clinton will continue to deny any knowledge of wrongdoing and claim she was totally unaware of the financial shenanigans… I guess the plausible deniability is why one of the first acts as President that Bill Clinton did was to create the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell Policy  

From Peter  

A California appellate court ruled several days ago that video taped evidence of Hillary Clinton committing a felony was not admissible in a civil suit against her.

…Paul v Clinton will now proceed against the remaining defendants, former President Bill Clinton, Grammys producer gary Smith and strip club owner James Levin, who exhausted their appeals to the California Supreme Court in 2004 and their trial date for March, 2007 will now be reset for 2008 with Hillary Clinton guaranteed by the judge to be required to testify under oath as a material witness.

With the Clinton’s record of truthfulness, however getting her to testify likely won’t mean much unless she gets caught in a lie under oath.

Here are a couple of Video’s that were posted on YouTube by Peter Paul

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Here are a few news articles on Illegal Immigration…

Starting with Sanctuary Cities… It looks as though a plan to sanction local law enforcement that refuse or are prohibited from cooperating with federal agencies enforcing immigration laws. When you think about it the Sanctuary Cities are at a minimum obstructing justice.  Perhaps holding the elected leaders of sanctuary cities financially liable for the crimes committed by the illegals they refuse to allow to be deported is something that should be explored.  

Plan to Crack Down on ‘Sanctuary Cities’ Likely to Fail in Senate

WASHINGTON —  A House-passed plan to threaten local police agencies with losing federal money if they don’t assist in cracking down on illegal immigration appeared to be heading toward defeat in the Senate

Sen. David Vitter, R-La., introduced the plan Tuesday in his chamber as part of the appropriations bill covering the Department of Justice. He said the amendment would take aim at so-called “sanctuary cities” that have policies that protect illegal immigrants from federal efforts to find them and deport them.

“Some of our largest cities practice sanctuary policies that protect and provide assistance to illegal aliens. My amendment instructs (the Department of Justice) to withhold federal policing funds from those cities that continue their sanctuary city policies,” Vitter said in news release.

Vitter’s amendment would withhold money from the Justice Department’s Community Oriented Policing Services, or COPS, program. Recent awards for the program created during the Clinton administration include $43.6 million to 117 law enforcement agencies to fight methamphetamine; $159 million in technology grants to 37 agencies; and $15 million to seven Louisiana agencies for crime fighting in the state, according to recent Justice Department information.

Officials in Georgia are making it more difficult for illegals to obtain drivers licenses.

Illegals driving in Georgia though will have it a bit tougher

Drivers license bureaus and Georgia roads are becoming riskier places for illegal immigrants.

About two dozen drivers license investigators, state troopers and GBI agents have completed federal training to determine a suspect’s legal status in the United States and, if necessary, start deportation proceedings.

Until now, the Cobb County Sheriff’s Office has been the only police agency in Georgia to train with Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Cobb began deporting inmates from its jail in July.

The newly trained officers — three driver’s license fraud investigators, 14 state troopers and five Georgia Bureau of Investigation agents — will start work over the next few months. Some are waiting for computer access to federal immigration data.

In addition, this year’s state budget provides $537,860 to hire 10 new driver’s license fraud investigators for centers around the state.

But those Illegals in Georgia are welcome New York… at least by the Governor.

New Yorkers oppose Spitzer’s license plan

Armed with results of the first poll on Gov. Eliot Spitzer’s proposal to make it easier for illegal immigrants to get driver’s licenses, Senate Republicans on Monday sought to delay the policy’s implementation and warned they could dismantle it in budget negotiations beginning in January.

The Governor’s plan to give illegals Divers licenses is in violation of the REAL ID Act… Since both of New York’s Senators voted for the Real ID Act, you would think that someone in the media would have some tough questions for Hillary Clinton on her support for the Real ID Act, and how Governor Spitzer illegal driver plan doesn’t square with it…

But you really can not expect the Media to have many tough questions for the Democratic front runner can you?  

One of the biggest issues of the 2006 election was uncontrolled pork spending.  Democrats like Pelosi and Reid offered up “Culture of Corruption” as a campaign slogan.  It turns out that a Campaign Slogan is all it ever amounted to.  One of the biggest culprits in the padding legislation with various earmarks is none other than Hillary Clinton.

quuen-hillary.jpgFrom Bloomberg

Democrats came into power this year promising meaningful earmark reform to a U.S. electorate that was rightly disgusted with Congress’s free-spending habits. Today, earmarks continue to be out of control, and the predictable result is that the Democratic Congress is now even less popular in national polls than the Republican one before it.

There is an underappreciated angle to the story of how lawmakers steer federal funds toward their pet projects that may yet swing the next presidential election. Democrats have been so busy preparing the coronation of Hillary Clinton that they have failed to train a critical eye on her record.

According to the watchdog group Taxpayers for Common Sense, Clinton has secured queenhillfront.jpg360queenhillfront.jpg earmarks worth a combined $2.2 billion from 2002 to 2006 in all spending and authorization bills, including $250,000 to the Seneca Knitting Mill, and $200,000 to the Buffalo Urban Arts Center.

Many projects I am sure are well worth the investment, but if those projects actually have the merit that proponents claim then there would not be the need for the secrecy involved.  

Uncontrolled earmark spending by congress and the associated corruption that comes with it, is the one issue that does more to undermine public confidence in our elected Representatives. The author of the Bloomberg article had a great question towards the end of the piece.

How can someone who is one of the biggest contributors to the problem be part of the cure?

In an Interview with ABC, Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff provided an encouraging picture on the enforcement of our immigration laws.  There have been dramatic recent increases in deportations. But with the record that the federal government has on enforcing immigration laws, I want to see far more over a much longer period of time before I believe they have actually gotten it. What is going to count most is continued and sustained enforcement. Otherwise who is going to believe that this is anything more than a publicity stunt. That being said… it is a good first step in the right direction… only time will tell if they continue to go in that direction.   

It is a new war on illegal immigration that grows increasingly visible and more intense by the day. 

“I think we’re talking about something the American people have never seen before, which is what do we do and what do we see when the government gets serious about using all the legal tools available to make the law work and to enforce the law,” Homeland Security Secretary Chertoff told ABC News in an exclusive interview.

“And that’s why there has been a tenfold increase or more in the number of absconders [fugitive aliens] that we’ve rounded up and sent back. And that’s why there have been dramatic increases in our removals, [and] we’ve gone from one or two criminal cases five or six years ago to about 800 criminal cases this past year, because we are really pulling out all the stops,” Chertoff continued.

Across the country, federal agents have been raiding businesses and homes in an unprecedented campaign targeting illegal immigrants.

Just last month, federal agents conducted work-site raids in seven cities, arresting nearly 200 undocumented workers. Another 2,357 illegal immigrants previously ordered deported were also rounded up.

In the last week in California, 1,300 illegal immigrants were arrested — one of the biggest sweeps in recent memory. On Long Island, authorities rounded up 186 people — most are believed to be gang members. In Nevada, more that 50 workers at McDonald’s restaurants were recently targeted.

Rest of the Interview here