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The Clinton Culture of Corruption is thriving, from Illegal donations from Norman Hsu, to shaking down Waiters and busboys in Chinatown, & donations from folks pardoned by her husband.  Another potential scandal surfaced recently in the NY Post


Federal investigators are probing a company run by a wheeler-dealer pal of Hillary and Bill Clinton that has already been accused by stockholders of wasting millions on the former first couple, it was revealed yesterday.

InfoUSA, a database marketing company founded and headed by Clinton friend and megadonor Vin Gupta, filed papers with the Securities and Exchanges Commission. The filing said that the company would comply with the SEC’s efforts to obtain records related to its corporate spending and trades of some company stock.

If the allegations were made against a Republican, you could bet that Democrats would be clamoring for resignations or at least censorship. But since it is connected to the Clintons, Democrats don’t mind a little corruption.

A bit more from the Article.

The lawsuits, filed by two hedge funds, revealed that Gupta sprung for almost $900,000 in jet rides on the company dime for both Clintons since 2001, and a $3.3 million consulting contract for the former president.

Additional allegations against Gupta include one that he improperly awarded 100,000 share options to Bill Clinton without board approval. 

There is an old saying where there is smoke there is fire… When will Democrats wake the hell up and smell the smoke?  

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An article in the NY Sun starts off by asking what do John Deutch, David Herdlinger,  and Alfredo Luna Pharr Regalado  have in common?  It is sort of a trick question in that there are two possible answers that are both correct. The first is that they were all given last minute Pardons by former President Bill Clinton.  The other Answer is that they are all Donors to Hillary Clinton’s Campaign… 

Now you do not have to be a card carrying member of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy to conclude that there is the possability of a quid pro quo here. 

I am sure that Hillary herself will deny any knowledge of the funds donated, and that it had anything to do with the Pardons given by her Husband. Afterall he did pardon 140 and commute the sentences of 36 others on his last day in office.  Keeping track of all those potential donors could be a daunting task for a campaign even one described by the Sun as “…being the most disciplined and determined in modern history.”

There is nothing illegal about Pardoned Felons donating to a polical campaign, since they were given full pardons and have all their rights fully restored.  But it does open the door to Challenge Clinton on her Character & Ethics as well as bring into question again the Character and Ethics of the most indicted administration in History.  

Here is a bit more on the Clinton Legacy and the Character and Ethics they brought to the White House.

– The only president ever impeached on grounds of personal malfeasance
– Most number of convictions and guilty pleas by friends and associates*
– Most number of cabinet officials to come under criminal investigation
– Most number of witnesses to flee country or refuse to testify
– Most number of witnesses to die suddenly
– First president sued for sexual harassment.
– First president accused of rape.
– First first lady to come under criminal investigation
– Largest criminal plea agreement in an illegal campaign contribution case
– First president to establish a legal defense fund.
– First president to be held in contempt of court
– Greatest amount of illegal campaign contributions
– Greatest amount of illegal campaign contributions from abroad
– First president disbarred from the US Supreme Court and a state court

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Lets just pray we only have to endure Clinton jokes until the 2008 elections are over… any longer will not only damage the economy, ruin health-care, result in a surrender in the War on Terror, but stands a damn good chance of eliminating the entertainment value of late night television.

The Clinton’s, both Bill and Hillary have been associated with a multitude of Felons and corrupt individuals for decades.. So Why on earth is Hillary the leading Dem Candidate for President?

Some of the Clinton Felonious connections include Mochtar Riady, who in 2001 had to pay $8 Million dollars in Federal Election Commission fines.  John Huang raised millions for the DNC nearly half of which had to be returned because of how it was raised or who it came from. Huang was also the organizer behind Al Gore’s Buddhist Temple fundraiser. As part of a plea agreement with federal prosecutors,  Johnny Chung was charged with funneling illegal contributions to the 1996 Clinton-Gore campaign by asking friends and employees of his office technology firm to make donations for which they were later reimbursed. Chung was also charged with engaging in a similar “straw donor” scheme to assist the 1996 reelection bid of Sen. John F. Kerry.

Clinton’s current Fundraising shennanigans include Norman Hsu, Peter Paul, and now another Chinese Straw Donor Scheme reported by the LA Times and The NY Post

While Clinton herself may have escaped any prosecution in these and other scandals, What this does prove is a pattern of conduct, and the extent the Clinton’s will go to enhance their own personal power.

Which Party was it that used a “Culture of Corruption” as a campaign slogan? Isn’t it time for Democrats to make it more than just a slogan, and dump Hillary?

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More on Clinton’s Chinatown Connection at

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The Clinton Legacy

  1. Feb-1993-World Trade Center bombing-Clinton did nothing .
  2. Oct-1993-18 American troops killed in Somalia- Clinton did nothing Osama bin Laden later told ABC News that was when they knew America would run.
  3. Nov-1995-five Americans killed-30 wounded-car bomb in Saudi Arabia- Clinton did nothing.
  4. Jun-1996-U.S. Air Force housing complex in Saudi Arabia-bombed by Muslim extremists- Clinton did nothing.
  5. Months later, Saddam attacked the Kurdish city of Erbil-Clinton lobbed some bombs into Iraq hundreds of miles from Saddam’s forces.
  6. Nov-1997-Iraq refused U.N. weapons inspectors to do their jobs and threatened to shoot down a U.S. U-2 spy plane- Clinton did nothing.
  7. Feb-1998-Clinton threatened to bomb Iraq, but called it off when the United Nations said no.
  8. Aug-1998-U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania were bombed by Muslim extremists-Clinton did nothing.
  9. Aug. 20-Monica Lewinsky-grand jury testimony- Clinton responded by bombing Afghanistan and Sudan, severely damaging a camel and an aspirin factory.
  10. Dec. 16-House of Representatives prepared for impeachment- Clinton responded by ordering air strikes against Iraq-WAG THE DOG.
  11. 1999-Clinton order attacks on Serbians wHO WERE FIGHTING ISLAMIC FANATICS.
  12. Oct-2000-USS Cole attacked by Muslim extremists- Clinton did nothing.

Let’s not forget 4 months after the Staten Island Navyport was opened, at a cost of $4 billion dollars to the American taxpayers – CLINTON CLOSED IT.

THE LEGACY OF BILL CLINTON?  3,000 dead New Yorkers.

Rather than try and get a known terrorist like Bin Laden, US Intelligence in the 90’s was spying on Princess Diana… I wonder what threat to Ntaional Security she posed.  

princess.jpg(CBS/AP) An official British report into the crash that killed Princess Diana concludes that a U.S. intelligence agency was bugging Diana’s phone without the approval of its British counterpart on the night of her death, according to British newspaper reports.

But the thirty-nine transcripts held by the unspecified agency contain no new information about how she died, the report adds. The report will confirm the existence of the files, but does not reveal their contents, or offer an explanation.

Sigmund, Carl and Alfred have an outstanding post (same title as this one) that all should read. Especially those who still feel that somehow Bill Clinton was a competent president, that the Media is actually informative, or that the UN is a useful organization.

From Voice of America 

In a dramatic 86-page report, the panel of weapons and financial experts accuses 10 countries and militant groups of fueling a military buildup in the Horn of Africa.

The report delivered to the U.N. Security Council tells of large cargo aircraft and ocean-going vessels making clandestine weapons deliveries almost daily, in violation of a 1992 arms embargo.

It says rival Somali factions are obtaining surface-to-air missiles and motor vehicles designed for use as mobile weapons platforms.

Authors of the report underscore the rapid transition in Somalia over the past five months. They note that the opposition alliance formerly based in Mogadishu no longer exists, and that the Islamic Courts Union has become the main force in Somalia’s central and southern regions.

Who would have ever guessed that the peace loving folk of Iran, Syria, & Hizbollah are funding, training, & arming Islamic militants? 

Who was it that recommended to President Clinton that we should Cut-N-Run from Somalia in 1993? You guessed it John Cut-N-Run Murtha… What is he recommending now in Iraq? the same thing… See how well it worked out in Somalia….

Just think, If we would have engaged the terrorists in 1993 & 1994, 2001 could have turned out much different.

From Stuck on Stupid

A group of House Republicans called Wednesday for a congressional investigation into the improper handling of classified documents by President Clinton’s national security adviser, Sandy Berger.

It is about damn time…. What the hell took so long..

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