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Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama are trading jabs oddly enough over something neither have.. experience..

From Reuters

Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton sharpened her attacks on rival Barack Obama’s experience on Tuesday, a day after a poll showed her falling slightly behind him in Iowa.

Six weeks before Iowa kicks off the state-by-state battle for the Democratic nomination, Clinton questioned Obama’s claim that living in a foreign country as a youth helped shape his world view and contribute to his experience.

Obama’s Response

…a long resume doesn’t guarantee good judgment. A long resume says nothing about your character.”

and amazingly enough both are right… Obama’s experience in Indonesia provides him absolutely no insight about foreign Policy, and Clinton’s Character is is surronded by corruption, and manipulation… something not particularly beneficial in sound foreign policy though she will fit right in with the Hugo Chavez’s of the world.

Clinton has been dropping steadily in polls in New Hampshire and even lost her lead in Iowa, trading Jabs with Obama will likely not help her out much in those polls especially since she seems to be the one throwing the most mud.  She has already played the Gender card and continuing to do so will show that she brings absolutely nothing to the table. 

Meanwhile Obama is bringing is some bigger guns to campaign for him.

Oprah Winfrey is poised to campaign for White House hopeful Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) in Iowa and New Hampshire, the Chicago Sun-Times has learned.

Obama made the disclosure while working a crowd at Central High School here, after delivering an education policy speech. A man, Ralph Hoagland, asked Obama—who was mingling and shaking hands– if Oprah was going to stump for Obama in New Hampshire.

“First she’s coming to Iowa,” Obama told Hoagland, who in 1963 was a co-founder of what is now the giant CVS pharmacy chain. “But we’ll talk about it. We’ll get her up here.”

At this rate Hillary could be home for Christmas…  



Not only is she tired as hell… It looks as though Obama is ahead in the Iowa Polls

Trillion Dollar Tax Hikes Followed by Economic Recession…


The Washington Post Headline reads.. Senate GOP Blocks $50B War Funding Package… The way the headline reads you would think that Republicans blocked critical funding for our troops denying them much needed bullets and other logistic support.  

What was rejected, and rightly so was the placing of artificial goals and expectations as well as operational limitations to get all troops out of Iraq by December 2008.  Now while getting our troops out of Iraq is an admirable and worthwhile goal, we must approach that goal in a responsible manner. The Senate Bill that did not get the necessary votes for cloture did not do that.  At the moment the situation on the ground in Iraq is very fluid, American forces have been able to quell the violence and destroy much of terror support network.  Removing those forces now or establishing a date in which they will be removed will seriously undermine all the progress we had made since the Surge Strategy was implemented.  We need to leave Iraq when the mission there is done. Not a day sooner nor a day later.  Leaving too soon places all we have accomplished and sacrificed for at great risk and will allow the terrorists to once again call the shots. Leaving too late will have consequences nearly as bad.  Deciding when we have reached that point is the tricky part. The people who are in the best position to advise when we have met our objectives there and can begin an orderly withdrawal is General Petraeus and the other commanders on the ground, it certainly is not Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. 

The Washington Post appears to have run its Headline and Article through the DNC Spin Cycle. Which is pretty much par for the course. What the Senate and Hose did was attempt to gain some percieved short term political advantage at the expense of those who are putting their lives on the line. Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi have both stated that they will not submit another funding bill this year.  So next month while Harry & Nancy are enjoying their Christmas vacation, and while Hillary and Obama are out campaigning they should be reminded daily that they left work undone in Washington.  They failed to support the troops by providing the resources needed to carry out their mission without strings attached.  I can only hope and pray that those daily reminders do not come in the form of increased casualty reports.  

Here is the Roll Call Vote

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Obama like Typical Democrats sees Tax Hikes as the policy of choice to solve Social Security problems.

From the Chicago Tribune 

Democrat Barack Obama said Sunday that if elected he will push to increase the amount of income that is taxed to provide monthly Social Security benefits.

Obama and other Democratic presidential candidates previously have signaled support for this idea.

But during an interview on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Obama said subjecting more of a person’s income to the payroll tax is the option he would push for if elected president.

Rather than allowing folks to invest a poriton of the Social Security Taxes they already pay into something like the Thrift Savings Plan, Obama like the rest of the Democrats are determined to increase dependency on inefficient government programs.   

digg story

I seriously doubt that there is a snowballs chance in hell of this bill getting a vote in Ringside Harry Reid’s Senate, simply because it would put Democrats in the awkward position of having to either supporting the bill and angering the Shamnesty base or oppose it and turning off a large majority of voters that recognize that providing legal ID’s to Illegal immigrants is a bad idea.   


From the Union Leader

The resolution, sponsored by Sen. Norm Coleman (R-Minn.), expresses the sense of the Senate that states issuing driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants are disregarding federal immigration laws and, consequently, putting national security at risk, Gregg said. Eight states currently issue driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants, and New York will begin doing so soon.

If it does some how get to the Senate Floor will Hillary vote for it before she votes against it or simply not vote at all.

Nancy Pelosi and company are once again threatening to abandon troops deployed in Iraq to make a political statement. At a time when very significant progress is being made in Iraq in quelling the violence and defeating the terrorists, Democrats seem desperate to snatch Defeat from the Jaws of Victory. 



House Democrats are planning another veto showdown with President Bush on the Iraq war. And this time, they say they won’t back down.

The House planned to vote as early as next week on a $50 billion war spending bill that would require Bush to begin withdrawing troops. The measure identifies a goal of ending combat by December 2008, leaving only enough soldiers and Marines behind to fight terrorists, train Iraqi security forces and protect U.S. assets.

In a private caucus meeting on Thursday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told rank-and-file Democrats the bill was their best shot at challenging Bush on the war. And if Bush rejected it, she said, she did not intend on sending him another war spending bill for the rest of the year.

One hell of a nice message to be sending the troops around Veterans Day…. Of Course that is a holiday that the crowd probably will not be observing…

One has to wonder if the Democrat Presidential Candidates will be supporting this…

Obama supporters didn’t see the humor in funny man Steven Colbert putting his name on the Democratic Primary Ballot in South Carolina.  

(CNN) — Two prominent supporters of Illinois Sen. Barack Obama’s presidential campaign in South Carolina called state Democratic Party officials and urged them to keep funnyman Stephen Colbert’s name off the primary ballot, according to party officials and Obama supporters.

I guess they figured that Dennis Kucinich’s UFO stories would be enough of a comedy routine for one election.


Vodpod videos no longer available.

Notice that when Tim Russert asked the Candidates

Is there anyone here that believes that an Illegal Immigrant should not have a Drivers License?

Only one of the candidates had the courage to reply that driving is a privilege not a right.  I disagree with Senator Dodd on almost every issue in this campaign but I got to respect him for taking a position that is opposite of the rest of his party’s candidates.

Since Dodd is at best a long shot to get the nomination, it is pretty clear which party is willing to make it easier for terrorists to have access to legal identification doccuments for the sake of thier own short term political gain.