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The Clinton Culture of Corruption is thriving, from Illegal donations from Norman Hsu, to shaking down Waiters and busboys in Chinatown, & donations from folks pardoned by her husband.  Another potential scandal surfaced recently in the NY Post


Federal investigators are probing a company run by a wheeler-dealer pal of Hillary and Bill Clinton that has already been accused by stockholders of wasting millions on the former first couple, it was revealed yesterday.

InfoUSA, a database marketing company founded and headed by Clinton friend and megadonor Vin Gupta, filed papers with the Securities and Exchanges Commission. The filing said that the company would comply with the SEC’s efforts to obtain records related to its corporate spending and trades of some company stock.

If the allegations were made against a Republican, you could bet that Democrats would be clamoring for resignations or at least censorship. But since it is connected to the Clintons, Democrats don’t mind a little corruption.

A bit more from the Article.

The lawsuits, filed by two hedge funds, revealed that Gupta sprung for almost $900,000 in jet rides on the company dime for both Clintons since 2001, and a $3.3 million consulting contract for the former president.

Additional allegations against Gupta include one that he improperly awarded 100,000 share options to Bill Clinton without board approval. 

There is an old saying where there is smoke there is fire… When will Democrats wake the hell up and smell the smoke?  

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What is the difference


An article in the NY Sun starts off by asking what do John Deutch, David Herdlinger,  and Alfredo Luna Pharr Regalado  have in common?  It is sort of a trick question in that there are two possible answers that are both correct. The first is that they were all given last minute Pardons by former President Bill Clinton.  The other Answer is that they are all Donors to Hillary Clinton’s Campaign… 

Now you do not have to be a card carrying member of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy to conclude that there is the possability of a quid pro quo here. 

I am sure that Hillary herself will deny any knowledge of the funds donated, and that it had anything to do with the Pardons given by her Husband. Afterall he did pardon 140 and commute the sentences of 36 others on his last day in office.  Keeping track of all those potential donors could be a daunting task for a campaign even one described by the Sun as “…being the most disciplined and determined in modern history.”

There is nothing illegal about Pardoned Felons donating to a polical campaign, since they were given full pardons and have all their rights fully restored.  But it does open the door to Challenge Clinton on her Character & Ethics as well as bring into question again the Character and Ethics of the most indicted administration in History.  

Here is a bit more on the Clinton Legacy and the Character and Ethics they brought to the White House.

– The only president ever impeached on grounds of personal malfeasance
– Most number of convictions and guilty pleas by friends and associates*
– Most number of cabinet officials to come under criminal investigation
– Most number of witnesses to flee country or refuse to testify
– Most number of witnesses to die suddenly
– First president sued for sexual harassment.
– First president accused of rape.
– First first lady to come under criminal investigation
– Largest criminal plea agreement in an illegal campaign contribution case
– First president to establish a legal defense fund.
– First president to be held in contempt of court
– Greatest amount of illegal campaign contributions
– Greatest amount of illegal campaign contributions from abroad
– First president disbarred from the US Supreme Court and a state court

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Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama are trading jabs oddly enough over something neither have.. experience..

From Reuters

Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton sharpened her attacks on rival Barack Obama’s experience on Tuesday, a day after a poll showed her falling slightly behind him in Iowa.

Six weeks before Iowa kicks off the state-by-state battle for the Democratic nomination, Clinton questioned Obama’s claim that living in a foreign country as a youth helped shape his world view and contribute to his experience.

Obama’s Response

…a long resume doesn’t guarantee good judgment. A long resume says nothing about your character.”

and amazingly enough both are right… Obama’s experience in Indonesia provides him absolutely no insight about foreign Policy, and Clinton’s Character is is surronded by corruption, and manipulation… something not particularly beneficial in sound foreign policy though she will fit right in with the Hugo Chavez’s of the world.

Clinton has been dropping steadily in polls in New Hampshire and even lost her lead in Iowa, trading Jabs with Obama will likely not help her out much in those polls especially since she seems to be the one throwing the most mud.  She has already played the Gender card and continuing to do so will show that she brings absolutely nothing to the table. 

Meanwhile Obama is bringing is some bigger guns to campaign for him.

Oprah Winfrey is poised to campaign for White House hopeful Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) in Iowa and New Hampshire, the Chicago Sun-Times has learned.

Obama made the disclosure while working a crowd at Central High School here, after delivering an education policy speech. A man, Ralph Hoagland, asked Obama—who was mingling and shaking hands– if Oprah was going to stump for Obama in New Hampshire.

“First she’s coming to Iowa,” Obama told Hoagland, who in 1963 was a co-founder of what is now the giant CVS pharmacy chain. “But we’ll talk about it. We’ll get her up here.”

At this rate Hillary could be home for Christmas…  


Not only is she tired as hell… It looks as though Obama is ahead in the Iowa Polls

I am sure that everyone remembers Elvira Arellano, the illegal Immigrant who took refuge in a Chicago church to avoid being deported. Well now she has started a Hunger Strike.

A Hunger Strike is not all she started either… Sanctuary Churches are surfacing all over the country, Oklahoma, Salem Oregon, &  Twin Falls Idaho for example.  Now I do respect that the various churches are attempting to protect members of their congregation, but they have to realize that they are enabling Drug smugglers, Human Smugglers, and violent gang members to continue their trade.

Speaking of Human Smugglers, this article in the Houston Chronicle is interesting.

TWIN FALLS, Idaho — U.S. Border Patrol agents have arrested about 100 people in the Magic Valley as part of a sting to round up illegal immigrants, officials said Tuesday.

The city was targeted after commercial bus employees told law-enforcement officials that they suspected illegal immigrants were buying large numbers of bus tickets, U.S. Border Patrol spokesman Alex Harrington said.

The region appeared to be a hub for human smuggling, Harrington said, with legal residents buying as many as 10 bus tickets at a time to be used by illegal immigrants.

“About 20 percent of the people we apprehended actually were from two vans — both with Oregon plates —

Maybe they were in Twin Falls from Salem on a church outing….

Des Moins to become a sancturary city?

According to this article in the Des Moins Register it is certainly a Possibility

A proposal to prohibit local law enforcement officials from conducting raids on illegal immigrants in Des Moines was presented to at least one City Council member recently.

Councilwoman Christine Hensley said Sunday that she spoke about six weeks ago with representatives of two immigration-rights groups that presented a plan that would block local city departments – including the police – from conducting raids on immigrants or inquiring about a person’s immigration status.

Aspects of the proposal, brought up Sunday at an immigration forum, are similar to a national trend of “sanctuary cities.”

It might be interesting to see how many different positions Hillary Clinton takes on this proposal. But then again will any Journalist or Debate moderator have the courage to ask the question? God knows it is not among the questions she is going to plant.

In Arizona However a different type of law is soon to take effect, and it is already having an impact.

From The Arizona Republic

Hundreds, perhaps thousands, of undocumented workers have been fired as a result of Arizona businesses reviewing the work-eligibility forms of their employees as the state’s new employer-sanctions law draws near.

The fired workers couldn’t provide missing information uncovered during the reviews or confessed to being in the country illegally, say attorneys involved in the reviews.

The number of firings could grow significantly once the law goes into effect Jan. 1 as employers scramble to make sure they are in compliance. Under the law, repeat violators will lose their business licenses.

Trillion Dollar Tax Hikes Followed by Economic Recession…



Pearls or Diamonds?

Illegal Immigration is one of the most important issues in the 2008 campaign cycle. How we address this one issue has implications on nearly every other issue including Crime, Health Care, the Economy, Education, Taxes, and National Security. Because of its broad implications voters need to know exactly where their candidates stand and what their record is in addressing it.

My intention with this weekly series of posts is to take a look at each of the top candidates, what they say now and what their record indicates they have done in the past. The candidates I intend to do this post on are Mike Huckabee, Fred Thompson, and Rudy Giuliani on the Republican side and Hillary Clinton, Barak Obama, and John Edwards on the Democrats side. Chances are the list of Candidates I intend to cover on this issue will change, If I do change them it will be based on national polls or on state polls in one of the key states. I have no intention of wasting my time on looking at the fringe candidates like Dennis Kucinich or Ron Paul, unless those campaigns can demonstrate that they will have an impact on the primaries or are able to drive the discussion on the issue.

First up is former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee

Vodpod videos no longer available.

In this age of terror, immigration is not only an economic issue, but also a national security issue. We must know who is coming into our country, where they are going, and why they are here. All those who are caught trying to enter illegally must be detained, processed, and deported. As Governor, he ordered his state troopers to work with the Department of Homeland Security to arrest illegals and enforce federal immigration law.

The Governor opposes and will never allow amnesty. He passionately rejected the amnesty bill that President Bush and Sen. McCain tried to ram through Congress this summer after secret meetings of an under-the-radar cabal of amnesty-loving senators.

The Governor also opposes the “Sanctuary Cities” that harbor illegal immigrants and proposes that the Federal Government crack down on on rogue cities that willfully undermine our economy and national security.

All these statements sound well and good, but there are a few things in my opinion that are missing.  

  1. Nothing on reducing and streamlining the bureaucratic nightmare that is our immigration system. Many of the folks who are trying to come here legally find themselves waiting for several years (some close to a decade) for final approval of citizenship.  While I feel we should be aggressively cracking down on those who are fragrantly breaking our laws, we also have to reward those who are following the rules and assimilating into society.
  2. The Governor does say he wants to aggressively go after employers who hire illegals and make the fines and penalties so large that they will see it is not worth the risk. But he offers nothing that I could find that allows employers to efficiently check the immigration status of current or potential employees. It is tough to hold someone accountable for something they do not have the means to comply with.
  3. Finally Governor Huckabee mentions nothing I could find on how he would attempt to convince the government Mexico to enact economic reforms that would enable the Mexican economy to support their population.  Afterall, if the Mexican people had the oppertunities to provide for thier families a prosperous future there would be no need to cross deserts and work in a foreign country for a paltry wage. 

There have been a few reports that Governor Huckabee provided tuition breaks for illegal immigrants, based on the Governor’s 2005 State of the State address and other news articles.  Those reports are misleading and a bit inaccurate. What the Governor did was to allow children, illegal or not, who graduate from Arkansas high schools to apply for scholarships.  My opinion on this is that while you can not hold a child accountable for the parents illegal status, before that child is rewarded with a publicly funded scholarship he/she must have at least began the citizenship process.

Another issue that Governor Huckabee has been chalenged on is his denouncing of efforts to deny state benefits to illegal immigrants, calling one such effort proposed in Arkansas in 2005 as un-Christian, un-American, and irresponsible.  I honestly do not know how that legislation compares with the recent Oklahoma legislation that recently took effect, I would like to see Governor Huckabee’s comments or opinion it however.

Conclusion: The Governor has a charismatic personality and is very likable, on many issues I agree with him whole heartedly. On the Immigration issue however, his campaign rhetoric and record as Governor fall far short of what I would be looking for in a President.

Comments & or Suggestions are welcome.

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Several popular TV Shows have very few new programs left, not that any of them are any good anyway.  

The Office (NBC)

My Name Is Earl (NBC)
Private Practice (ABC)
The Unit (CBS)
Two and a Half Men (CBS)

The Key to ending the strike though is how many scripted campaign events Hillary Clinton has left… When she runs out you know someone is gonna get pressured to make a deal….

This is probably why John Edwards joined the picket line… He wants the strike to continue at least until the Iowa Caucus