Democrats Tax Plan made simple

Trillion Dollar Tax Hikes Followed by Economic Recession…



  1. I must say, that IS pretty simple.

    Unfortunately, sometimes…you have to raise taxes. Especially when the nation is coming off almost seven years of war. Combine the money spent by the Bush administration on war with the tax cuts, and you’ve got a real problem…

    The money has got to come from somewhere.

    Many domestic programs have been bankrupted because of the war in Iraq, and to fix them, taxes will probably have to be raised.

    The American people voted for George W. Bush…TWICE. At some point, even those of us who didn’t vote for him are going to have to pay for this war.

    -Eric Palmieri

  2. jeremy

    We are already in a recession. I`m a republican who says lets give the dems a chance and see what happens. Bush has screwed things up so badly i`m even willing to vote for Hillary!

  3. sgpi

    and, pray tell, Eric, why do we need to raise taxes? The deficit is coming down, and may even be in balance by the time President Bush leaves office in Jan 2009. The government reports record revenues coming in, even while spending has been going through the roof. It’s a simple fact of life… raising taxes ALWAYS inhibits economic activity, and never lives up to expectations of how much money would be raised. Lowering taxes, however, ALWAYS increases economic activity, and increases revenues flowing into goverment coffers. Kind of odd that the congressional scorers haven’t taken this into account. But it’s pretty much common sense.

    BTW, no domestic programs have been bankrupted while GWB has been in office. If anything, spending has been out of control, under both Rs and Ds. I defy you to name one domestic program that has been, as you say, bankrupted. Just one, please?

  4. sgpi, You are absolutely correct, the Tax cuts have been a boom to our economy by providing the necessary capital to get out us of the Clinton Recession and beyond the economic hit of 9-11.

    Tax revenues are up & the Deficit is down despite what we are spending on the war. Federal spending on Healthcare, Education, and other domestic programs have increased dramatically since Bush took office. I disagree with the President on a lot of issues but reverting to the higher tax rates and economic policies of the Clinton era is absolutely insane.

  5. tantheblackhearted

    Interesting to watch the comments on this article.

    On the one hand, we have someone who thinks that pork barrell spending should continue, and we should just raise taxes.

    On the other hand, we have someone so completely unhinged that they are willing to give the Presidency to someone who has already stated that a redistribution of wealth should occur in this country.

    Funny enough, they’re stating Bush has screwed up.

    And just what do you think your posts represent to those of us who understand Eco101?

  6. ninjatales

    Clinton Recession? Were you living in a cave with Bin Laden in the ’90s?

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