The Washington Post Headline reads.. Senate GOP Blocks $50B War Funding Package… The way the headline reads you would think that Republicans blocked critical funding for our troops denying them much needed bullets and other logistic support.  

What was rejected, and rightly so was the placing of artificial goals and expectations as well as operational limitations to get all troops out of Iraq by December 2008.  Now while getting our troops out of Iraq is an admirable and worthwhile goal, we must approach that goal in a responsible manner. The Senate Bill that did not get the necessary votes for cloture did not do that.  At the moment the situation on the ground in Iraq is very fluid, American forces have been able to quell the violence and destroy much of terror support network.  Removing those forces now or establishing a date in which they will be removed will seriously undermine all the progress we had made since the Surge Strategy was implemented.  We need to leave Iraq when the mission there is done. Not a day sooner nor a day later.  Leaving too soon places all we have accomplished and sacrificed for at great risk and will allow the terrorists to once again call the shots. Leaving too late will have consequences nearly as bad.  Deciding when we have reached that point is the tricky part. The people who are in the best position to advise when we have met our objectives there and can begin an orderly withdrawal is General Petraeus and the other commanders on the ground, it certainly is not Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. 

The Washington Post appears to have run its Headline and Article through the DNC Spin Cycle. Which is pretty much par for the course. What the Senate and Hose did was attempt to gain some percieved short term political advantage at the expense of those who are putting their lives on the line. Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi have both stated that they will not submit another funding bill this year.  So next month while Harry & Nancy are enjoying their Christmas vacation, and while Hillary and Obama are out campaigning they should be reminded daily that they left work undone in Washington.  They failed to support the troops by providing the resources needed to carry out their mission without strings attached.  I can only hope and pray that those daily reminders do not come in the form of increased casualty reports.  

Here is the Roll Call Vote

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  1. kdjid

    There is a business term I totally forget the word (it starts with a P I think) that I heard in middle school that describes what you and those who share in your philosophy are wrestling with. The meaning of the word is described by the phrase “Throwing good money after bad”.

    What this means is you’re so vested in a misguided venture that to admit you’ve made a major mistake would mean to admit you’ve wasted all that you’ve invested thus far, so you invest more of your precious resources in a lofty hope of reclaiming what has already returned little, not the least of which is your ego and dignity, only to find that now you’ve lost even more. Now you have to go and redeem that new loss, and so forth and so on goes the visious cycle.

    I know to cut your losses means facing an avalanche of inconvenient truths, but to go deeper in this hole means that you are only delaying the inevitable, the day that you realize that you cannot win this war militarily, but you can drag this country down the tubes trying.

  2. kdjid;

    It doesn’t matter what anyone’s point of view on the justification of this war is; the bottom line is that we are at war. We are there and nothing anyone can do can change that fact. Congress debated and voted in 2002 to authorize the President to utilize our Military to force Iraq into compliance with a multitude of UN Resolutions, oust one of the most brutal dictatorial regimes the world has ever seen, and defend the national security of the United States. Once the vote & decision were made to go to war, the debate and discussion about if we should or shouldn’t have ends. From the moment that the first Marine’s boot crossed the border there were only two choices on the table… victory or defeat. Make no mistake, withdrawing our forces before victory is achieved is a defeat.

    If we win in Iraq we will have established a representative government that protects the basic human rights of its citizens, and offer a bit of hope to the millions of people oppressed in the despotic regimes of the region.

    If we lose the terrorists and islamic extremists will be emboldened and will expand the exports of extremist fanaticism and terror.

    I realize that there is no “military only” solution that will achieve our goals in Iraq. It will require diplomacy, sound economic policies, an one hell of a lot of hard work. But none of that can happen in an environment in which the terrorists have the upper hand. Right now our military is providing the security and stability necessary for those other elements to take place. Right now we have the upper hand. Pulling the rug out from our forces deployed there now jeopardizes any chance of seeing an end to the bloodshed in Iraq and virtually guarantees that there will be much much more shed in the future.

    Have a nice day


  3. tantheblackhearted

    Just what exactly has been wasted?

    Saddam – Dead
    Saddy’s sons – Dead

    Where’s the bad guys? Relocated from the corners of Liberty and West Streets to downtown Baghdad.

    Sounds like money well spent to me.

  4. kdjid

    See that’s the thing about the Bush administration. While lying us into this war and they were warned that an invasion would cause major instability in the region, they rejected it and said we would be greeted with flowers and candy as liberators and we would spread democracy in the Middle East. Now that their predictions have failed them miserably to the country’s peril, sticking the country and the soldiers in the middle of a Dick Cheney predicted quagmire, their new prediction is to pull out would cause major instability in the region. How incompetent do you have to be as an administration to use the sames warnings against an invasion as a reason to sustain the invasion. And how audacious do you have to be to think that you who screwed us into this quagmire are also the best people to get us out.

    And this argument that whatever you thought of the war in the past is in the past, we’re there now and we must deal with that is a cop out to avoid being held responsible for their screw up.
    Bill Maher put it best (about 3.5 minutes into the interview):

    Finally I don’t buy this “democrats voted to get us into Iraq” as well and they are therefore equally responsible for the mess we’re in. You’re right and they should be held to account.

  1. 1 Blue Star Chronicles

    New York Senator Chuck Schumer to Military: The Fr

    The democrats are getting more and more desperate to explain away their inability to get anything done. Theyve had power for a year and still nothing is done. They are doing what they do, which is to blame others for their shortcomings. Typically, n…

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