Illegal Immigrants: In Search of the Mexican Dream

The real solution in solving America’s Illegal Immigration problem is not going to be found in building fences, high tech ID’s, the Various Shamnesty provisions or in worker programs.  The real solution is not even America’s to solve, but one for the Mexican government to accomplish. When the Mexican economy can offer its citizens the oppertunity to earn a decent wage and provide a better future for their children, we won’t have thousands attempting to cross deserts to work in a foreign country for a paltry wage.  Mexico is never going to offer that kind of opportunity however, as long as the rampant corruption at all levels of Mexican politics is present, and as long as they maintain the failed socialist economic policies that given us this problem to begin with.

Bridget Johnson has an excellent article on Pajama’s Media that I highly recommend. Below is an excerpt from that article.

Between treating Central American migrants like dirt and then blaming the U.S. for violating illegal immigrants rights, Mexico’s leaders need to summon enough introspection to realize what their country can be, and then summon enough courage to take the painful steps needed to get there.

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  1. Karolin

    The problem with “illegal immigrants” Is not with the U.S.A.

    The problem is directly in the hands of the Mexican

    Government! IF they would take care of their population

    and not fatten their own pockets then the people

    would stay in their own homes, the people love their

    country but not the way it is run.

  2. Karolin;

    I pretty much agree with you that the real solution to this problem lies in Mexico, unfortunately I don’t see them doing an awful lot to fix it.

    Thanks for your comment


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