Chavez Demands King Apologize, Threatens Spain’s economy

chavez02.jpgHugo Chavez insists that King Juan Carlos Apologize for telling the fascist dictator to shut up.  The Venezualan President Dictator has shut down media outlets that don’t spout his socialist drivel. Did away with free elections and term limits making himself dictator for life. He continually calls other world leaders fascist and worse, yet demands an apology and threatens those who tell him to shut the hell up… the-11th-commandment.jpg

From Reuters 

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez demanded on Tuesday Spain’s king apologize for telling him to shut up, warning that Spanish investments could suffer in its former colony because of the spat.

…”The king lost it,” Chavez said at a late-night political rally. “He should say, ‘… I, the king, confess, I was beside myself, I made a mistake.'”

At the weekend, King Juan Carlos told Chavez to shut up at a summit of leaders from Latin America and Iberia when the Venezuelan leftist interrupted a speech by Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero.

…”Whatever has been privatized can be taken back, we can take it back,” Chavez said earlier at a news conference. “If the government of Spain or the state of Spain … start to generate a conflict, things are not going to go well.”

Chavez, more than most should be following the 11th Commandment… Otherwise the rest of the world will know that Pat Robertson was right.

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