Oklahoma illegal immigration law could spread to other states

And the Sooner the better.

From The AP

Oklahoma’s anti-illegal-immigration law may be duplicated in other states, backers of the measure say.

The law, House Bill 1804, which took effect Nov. 1, bars illegal immigrants from obtaining jobs or public benefits and penalizes those who harbor or transport them.

Barbara Nichols of Emporia, Kan., founder of the Kansas Immigration Reform Effort, said Kansans might tweak HB 1804 “to better fit Kansas,” but something akin to HB 1804 will be introduced at the next legislative session.

“Oklahoma’s done all the groundwork as far as getting a bill passed,” Nichols said. “And so far, the challenges against 1804 have been thrown out. And that’s an advantage to any other state trying to do this.”

There are more than 300 anti-illegal immigration groups in the country.

“With the success in Oklahoma, there’s been just a fallout of people calling and e-mailing and wanting to know how we did it in Oklahoma,” said Carol Helm, founder of Immigration Reform for Oklahoma Now.

In recent months, Helm has advised citizen groups from Kansas, Nebraska, Montana, California, Alabama and New Jersey about immigration enforcement campaigns.


  1. mike burns

    I hope this anti illegal immigration measure is adopted in many states. I know it won’t be here in California, but in many other states where white and black Americans are not outnumbered by Asian and Hispanic immigrants who want open borders, maybe it will be.

    Politicians better listen to the whites and blacks. we are still the majority nationwide, and we are mad as hell!

  2. Beverly L. Jones

    My first response to reading this article was ALRIGHT!. I think that those employers who hire illegals should be punished. If a person comes to America illegally, then how can America expect that person to obey our other laws. He or she has not obeyed the law to come to America with the intention of becoming an American.

    Beverly L. Jones
    Ash Grove, MO

  3. Bravo Oklahoma! When I read of hospitals and schools driven to bankruptcy for having to educate and care for illegals that can’t pay or don’t have insurance it makes me angry. Our social services are being raided by illegals that get benefits intended for people who legitmately qaulify for them. If they are here illegally, send them packing.

  4. Bill Sinclair

    House Bill 1804 passed in Oklahoma is indeed working. It’s working so good that the opponents are getting desperate. I can tell you it is nice to see them leaving. Especially since my family has been negatively impacted by an illegal.

    Construction, Restaraunt, and Farmers unions and groups are banding together to make a run at the law. They are being impacted and it is hurting their bottom line profits. No longer can these folks pay low wages and take advantage or poor people while they further line their pockets with additional profits. So they are now attacking the law.

    The current front man using the usual rhetoric such as racisism, is a State Senator. Oh yes, his main business is construction and builds all the Wal-Mart store in Oklahoma. Coincidence, I think not!

    So if other states try to impose a similar law be forewarned that the greedy profiteers will come out of the wood work and battle it.

    Mike Huckabee? All one has to do is look at Tyson and Wal-Mart in Arkansas to see how week he is on immigration.

  5. Nathanael

    Just Another American,

    Read this as a pre-emptive look at this law’s effect vis a vis people’s opinions and most recent social and economic data.

    Further echoing an earlier comment: Bravo! And I identify with an above post of a man’s family having been negatively impacted by any perpetrator of illegal actions.

    God Bless, All

  6. Robin

    We let these people come in, have children which we gave citizenship to, allowed them to get jobs. Now it has reached a certain number and all of a sudden Now its a problem and we are mad.
    Let me ask you what about the American Citizens the children.(who speak English and love to be in school with their white/black friends) How would you feel to be seperated from your son or daughter?
    This is our own fault, we let this happen.
    Some of these people(yes humans) could show some of the ignorant people of this country what true citizenship means.

  7. Bill Sinclair

    I didn’t let them in. Our sorry politicians didn’t enforce the laws they swore to uphold. Politicians have created the problem and ignored it. Once it started affecting us, the citizens of the U.S., we begin to speak up. This is what our Republic is all about.

    The more illegals allowed in the more cheap labor. Wages are going down, pressures are being put on the tax systems of each and every state throug welfare dollars, health care, etc. Think realistically about the economics of it.

    We are turning into China. Instead of companies making technological advances in automation, production, etc. we just throw more cheap bodies at the work.

    We let them in, it’s our fault?

    Yep you are correct. It’s our fault for electing ignorant liberal politicians who would give their mothers away for your vote and have failed to uphold the laws of the land they swore to uphold. Dishonest communist facist pigs are what most of our politicians are.

    Our fore fathers laid it out in writing and we cannot follow the road map.

  8. Gary

    Children born of illegal immigrants are being GRANTED citizenship–it is not at all clear that they have a RIGHT to it.

    Children of diplomats (who are here legally) do not automatically get citizenship.

    A president who cared about the issue (not W, not McCain, and certainly not Billary or BO) would order that that children born in the US of parents here illegally not be granted citizenship. The Supreme Court would ultimately have to rule whether the writers of the nineteenth-century amendment had the children of illegal aliens in mind.

  9. Christine

    “The Supreme Court would ultimately have to rule whether the writers of the nineteenth-century amendment had the children of illegal aliens in mind.”

    It is impossible that the writers of the 14th ammendment had illegal aliens in mind when they wrote it. Until 1921 it was not illegal to cross into the US without government permission.

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