Two convicted of Vote Fraud… Media fails to meniton they are Democrats

Two former election officials in Ohio pleaded no contest to charges of attempting to rig the 2004 election recount in their Ohio district… the article however does not mention that they are Democrats.  Had they been Republicans however you could certainly bet that the NY Times, and the rest of the Liberal Rags would have labeled this as evidence of a Vast Right Wing Conspiracy.

From the AP

Two former elections workers pleaded no contest Monday to rigging a recount during the 2004 presidential election that prosecutors say was meant to avoid a lengthier, more expensive hand recount of all votes.

Prosecutors said Jacqueline Maiden, 60, and Kathleen Dreamer, 41, pleaded no contest to negligent misconduct and failure to perform official duties.

Other Articles covering this that likewise do not mention the Party Affiliation from UPI, and Cleveland’s Plain Dealer.

Hat tip to Stop the ACLU


  1. So, they were trying to change the outcome of the election, or they were trying to avoid doing more work?

  2. This is hardly evidence of a broad party-organized conspiracy to change the outcome of the election such as what we saw with the Republican party in Ohio.

    It’s important to discern the difference between simple laziness and a broad conspiracy.


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