Spanish King tells Hugo Chavez to “Shut Up”

Finally some world leader has told Huey to just shut the hell up…

Hats off to the Spanish King Juan Carlos.

From Breitbart

The king of Spain told Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez to “shut up” Saturday during a heated exchange at a summit of leaders from Latin America, Spain and Portugal.

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  1. Gunnie

    WOO HOO! It’s about time someone pierced some of that hot air!

  2. Jack Kalpakian

    Well, the King basically had to defend his current and former Prime Ministers. Chavez mocked Zapatero for defending Anzar before the King below up at him.

  3. Donato

    Hurray for King Juan Carlos! When someone has nothing of value or substance to say, they invite a well deserved, “Why don’t you shut up?!” That buffoon in Venezuela needed to have someone bring his over inflated ego down to its proper size and the King had the guts to do it. I hope other world leaders will finally dispense with the diplomatic niceties and do the same!

  4. jam212

    hahaha yes i laughed so hard when i saw it on TV, it seems that there is someone who has the guts to tell this A** what he should do!

    now we need someone that can take this bastard out of Venezuela 🙂

  5. It’s a dirty war against the people of Venezuela, so I take it Chavez lost his cool this time. No harm done by telling the truth though. Anyone who supported GW is definitely a fascist.

  6. I do not know about that “King telling an ole good allie to Shut Up was a formal tittle tatter on relational speaking in a conferance,” but friends do argue at times. Lets not clout moments with thawk of proportion, ok! Nice blog, journalistic sense of the media touch on topics.

  7. mikevalor

    I had arrived Venezuela in 2000, just after Chavez was elected into office and for the remaining 5 years the feel in Venezuela was an ever increasing sense of insecurity, lack of law enforcement and a lot of finger-pointing towards the “Opposition”. In other words, it was and still is a mess. However, I can safely blame the former Venezuelan presidents for having created the “right atmosphere” to this type of president to be elected into office and having left the door open to this type of opportunity when they were blind-sided by their own greed.

    The former governments were all the same. All they thought of was themselves along with their governmental elected cronies that had given themselves high paying positions inside the government with all the special trips to “Miami” and really not worry about anyone else. Chavez is no different, and watched how his approach to power grew from the previous poor man’s attitude of winning the Power Ball Lottery to his present day greedy Enron Executive attitude for power starting after the April 11th 2002 rebellion.

    This is an ex-militiaman who is trained in the “Art of War” and has used this knowledge to secure his own ground creating screaming wolf tactics and making alliances with countries that support terrorism such as Iran in times of crises just to bring the price of crude up in the market for his own benefit. Something the previous world powers used to be able to control third world countries in order to create market stability.

    I can also blame the Catholic Church for this as well. Why? Due to the lack of religious and moral education, the majority of the 23 million Venezuelan inhabitants still embrace all local superstitions in one form or fashion which has created a dependency on paganism and an excuse for all of their “misfortunes” along with venting their grievances on either past or present governments to resolve their problems on an individual basis instead of understanding the truth and authority that Christ had given us to learn and appreciate from His sacrifice for us.

    If people really want him out, then they will have to trust God more and less of their own arrogance. And if people want to know how long he will stay in power, then keep his state of health in check. In November 1992, he was a slim and mean soldier. Now he is an obese politician who is separated from his wife along with a gigantic ego and infinite thirst for power. How long do you think he will last now? Doesn’t anyone remember world history? Doesn’t this remind you of Iddy “Big Daddy” Amin, Papa Doc and ex-Enron Kenneth Lay? (Please connect the dots!)

    God places people like this in power due to the previous government’s mistakes and God can take them away when they get too arrogant. It’s only a matter of time. The sooner people pray for a change that will prevail according to God’s will the sooner it will take place or they can grumble and wait. It’s up to them.

    Thank God Chavez does not have access to nuclear technology like North Korea does.

  8. Chavez’s analysis of Spain and Europe in general were entirely true. His reference to Aznar as a fascist are accurate as well, Aznar having supported the illegal invasion of Iraq, an action taken without the considered support of the Spanish people. The king has rightly been reminded that it is not the 17th century and that Chavez is not a subject of the monarch who has to be uncritically accepting and submissive. Chavez speaks truth to evil, it’s no wonder evil responds with emotional outbursts. As to democratically elected leaders, they are always up for criticism, with the use of any and sundry words, but never up for “being taken out” as some have mentioned here and elsewhere. Let us not forget that the US (a so called democratic government) has constantly not only insulted Chavez, but also been behind the overt attempts at “taking him out”, “removing him from the map” so to speak. All of their attempts have failed, because Chavez enjoys the large support of the Venezuelan people. Of course, there are always the segment of the country who feel their privileged position has become insecure, and seek to destabalise the country with America’s help. The truth is that Venezuela has made more progress and continues to do so, under the new regime. It is obvious that the tide has turned in South America. The Spanish monarch’s statements represent the last kicks of a dying European horse.

  9. Tony Garcia

    Good for the Spanish King to stand up against the axis of evil. Spanish Foreign Direct Investment into Venezuela has created hundreds of thousands of jobs at all levels of the social business tree. When the world turned a blind eye, Spain’s companies continued to poor money into the oil rich poorly run country. The most important non-military state positions are held by spanish descendants and Chavez’ behaviour is an insult to the only people making sound decisions for his country internally. He should indeed shut up and concentrate on his internal problems of social injustice and dare I say “fascism”.

  10. tantheblackhearted

    Supported by the Venezuelan people?

    HQ – are you Chavez? A family member?

    Chavez is a lunatic, and your response indicates the same.

  11. spad

    @8 HQ19:7

    the issue is not only *what* chavez was saying, but *how* and *when* he was saying it.. to interrupt someone when he is talking is not respectfull. zapatero tried to say things the right and polite way. chavez continued to interrupt and stressed the king, that exasperated asked chavez to shut up. it’s as simple as that, you don’t have to invent any story

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