I seriously doubt that there is a snowballs chance in hell of this bill getting a vote in Ringside Harry Reid’s Senate, simply because it would put Democrats in the awkward position of having to either supporting the bill and angering the Shamnesty base or oppose it and turning off a large majority of voters that recognize that providing legal ID’s to Illegal immigrants is a bad idea.   


From the Union Leader

The resolution, sponsored by Sen. Norm Coleman (R-Minn.), expresses the sense of the Senate that states issuing driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants are disregarding federal immigration laws and, consequently, putting national security at risk, Gregg said. Eight states currently issue driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants, and New York will begin doing so soon.

If it does some how get to the Senate Floor will Hillary vote for it before she votes against it or simply not vote at all.


  1. Wow! We must have caught Coleman’s attention when we crashed the Senate’s phone system…but, then again several Senators who heard us loud and clear before they tried to sneak and push the Shamnesty bill through didn’t listen to us either.

    Even McCain who now claims he “finally gets-it” declined to vote on the Dream Act earlier on the same day he was videotaped on the Senate floor arguing to appoint Mukasey…We have eyes everywhere McCain, tsk, tsk Bubbha, it’s not good to be caught lying to We, The People.

    We must sadly agree with Darrell inthat Reid would never allow this bill to be voted on, however, we can certainly raise the water temperature of his bath in treason;

    Numbers USA

    The Heritage Foundation

    The Dark Side of Illegal Immigration

    Americans For Sovereignty

  2. Mark

    This site should be linked to the KKK website because that’s where narrow minded, racist bigots like you belong

  3. Ok Mark show me 1 statement I have said on this blog that is racist… It is so typical of somone from the left to throw around the race card when they are unable to discuss the issue with reason..

    Have a Nice Day

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