Nancy Pelosi and company are once again threatening to abandon troops deployed in Iraq to make a political statement. At a time when very significant progress is being made in Iraq in quelling the violence and defeating the terrorists, Democrats seem desperate to snatch Defeat from the Jaws of Victory. 



House Democrats are planning another veto showdown with President Bush on the Iraq war. And this time, they say they won’t back down.

The House planned to vote as early as next week on a $50 billion war spending bill that would require Bush to begin withdrawing troops. The measure identifies a goal of ending combat by December 2008, leaving only enough soldiers and Marines behind to fight terrorists, train Iraqi security forces and protect U.S. assets.

In a private caucus meeting on Thursday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told rank-and-file Democrats the bill was their best shot at challenging Bush on the war. And if Bush rejected it, she said, she did not intend on sending him another war spending bill for the rest of the year.

One hell of a nice message to be sending the troops around Veterans Day…. Of Course that is a holiday that the crowd probably will not be observing…

One has to wonder if the Democrat Presidential Candidates will be supporting this…

  1. The left wants us to lose, and now that we’re winning, some are arguing that it’s conservatives who don’t want to win: Then we won’t have any more threats with which to sow fear in the population.

    Can you believe that? They’re despicable.

  2. Ardmoor Oakes

    The trend in American politics to ascribe base motives rather than honest differences of view to policy opponents is something pernicious and to be avoided. Despite this, I’ve sadly concluded that Mrs. Pelosi and her crew really don’t want a victory in this war. Why? Again, with regret , I must conclude that they want partisan political power to shape American life more than they care for the fundamental safety and welfare of the country. They are looking at social issues, tax issues and cultural issues they hope to control if they can derail Mr. Bush, demonize the Republicans and seize power in the next general election. This is a sad time.

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