Pakistan, no good choices available

Pakistani police backed by armored vehicles detained opposition leader Benazir Bhutto at her Islamabad residence Friday and reportedly rounded up 5,000 of her supporters to block her mass protest against emergency rule.

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Pakistan is a mess at the moment with three main contenders for power, all of which have serious liabilities. Former Prime Minister Bhutto has been involved in numerous corruption scandals some of which are covered here.  The current President Musharraf took control in a military coup, and the guy he ousted, Nawaz Sharif has been living in exile in Saudi Arabia and allies himself with Islamic extremists in Pakistan.

Of the three Sharif is obviously the most dangerous, and though Bhutto seems to have a great deal of public support her interests in the past have generally been acquiring more personal wealth and less about preserving Pakistani democracy. 

Musharraf has been slow to return Pakistan to civillian rule following his takeover, but it seems to me that democracy stands a better chance of returning to Pakistan under him than it does with either of his main political rivals.  

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Pakistan in Crisis (Musharraf’s) – Possibly Serious Implications

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  1. Good morning Darrell! I have a few related posts that I thought you’d be interested in.

    Pakistan – A Series of Choices Gone Wrong
    The situation in Pakistan is not getting better. Some call it is a failed state hosting nuclear weapons and al-Qa’eda’s leadership, a combination making it arguably the world’s most dangerous country. Some would have you believe that Musharraf is “trying his best.”

    Pakistan in Crisis (Musharraf’s) – Possibly Serious Implications
    This is an “update” of the previous post, “Musharraf’s End of Days,” and to provide my answer to a question asked by a reader, “what do you think happens if the Islamists somehow manage to take that govt?…what would we do?” Here is my response (analysis), with the risk of being wrong in public.

    Musharraf’s End of Days
    Others may see it differently but these are Musharraf’s desparate end of days. Essentially he has mounted in 2nd coup, declaring a state of emergency, suspending the constitution (a new Provisional Constitutional Order), firing the chief judge and then hiring a new one. And, oh yeah!…and somehow, has “disappointed” the U.S.

    If anyone goes back to the beginning of the War on Terrori, I, for one, have never trusted Musharraf or the Pakistanis.

  2. Thank you for the comment, I have included the links in the main part of the post.


  3. That is very nice of you Darrell. Thanks.

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