Incentives fueling illegal immigration

One Columnist at the Chicago Tribune has a pretty good article on the Illegal Immigration problem. Here is an excerpt from that column.

…The illegal immigrant problem is huge, obviously, and there’s no single solution. But there is one word that would get the ball rolling in the right direction and win a lot of voters’ hearts: disincentivize. Stop making it so attractive to slip through, over and under the border.

As long as we offer jobs, medical treatment, driver’s licenses and in-state tuition to those who come here illegally, why would any right-thinking, would-be immigrant take a number and wait his or her turn? Why not just throw in the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders and free tequila while we’re at it?…

Despite the fact that the writer may have just invented a new word, she is right on the mark on the issue.



  1. You people want those immigrants to shine your shoes, make your fat BigMac, clean your garbage, do your garden etc. If you think your money is crap now, wait until you close the borders. Man are you people stupid…


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  2. Jesper;

    First off I am the one who removed the link to your blog.. Sorry but one thing I will not allow here on this blog is Hatred… Your blog name says it all…

    Secondly libs decry the low wages that most illegals work for, some even call it slave wages… So by the position that you are taking on the illegal immigration issue you are saying that slave labor is just fine with you…

    Somehow Jesper I don’t think that you should be calling anyone stupid…

    Have a Nice Day…

  3. Gabriel

    I don’t think that by disincentivizing or by building the next great wall on the borders will stop the aspiration for a better future.

  4. CW2Sean

    Jesper, You and the other critters that come out from under rocks at night make me laugh. Oh are dollar is weak! oh no, Damn that means all these other countries buy more of our goods. Maybe that is why are debt keeps dropping by more the 100 billion. The world will always fall back to the dollar in dangerous times. why because we have a track record of kicking butt.

    Now my solution for the illegal immigration problem. If you have been unemployed for last 5 years and living on the tax payers dollars. You are now a immigrant. If you are a hard working, Law abiding, proud of this country and what it has to offer to you and your future generatios and a Illegal immigrant, You will get Mr. Unemployments Citizenship. Now I will leave Mr Unemployment one last chance to get a job and hold it for minimum of two years. Don’t worry Mr. Hard working Illegal immigrant, there will be plenty of unemployed bums that would sell you there citizenship for a pack of cigs.

  5. Darrell, I have a metaphor that I think applies properly to illegal immigration and it is another way to say what you are saying. Does everyone remember Pavlov and the rats? It is the same thing with illegal immigration. If you give illegals incentives to stay they will stay. Just like the rats got the cheese that was followed by the water and stayed away from the cheese that was followed by a shock. If you give incentives to come across the border they will, and if you make it difficult for illegals to come here, they won’t.

    That is why the SAVE Act is such a great opportunity to do some good. Anyone not familiar with it go to my link and find out more.

  6. CW2Sean

    Mike I like the idea as long as we secure the borders first!

  7. Gabriel;

    Building a fence, increasing enforcement, and removing the incentives for illegals to come here will not completely stop illegal immigration… but it will give us a better chance of protecting our culture, and economy, as well as provide us greater national security. The only real solution to the illegal immigration problem is for countries like Mexico to provide an economic environment that allows for growth and provides the jobs and economic security that so many are coming here to get. They will not see that economic environment as long as they maintain the socialist economy that benefits only the elite.

    Thanks for your comment


  8. Mike;

    I had heard a bit about the SAVE act though not much info is available publicly as of yet. I believe that it is an expanded use of the PILOT Program which employers could use on a voluntary basis to verify SS#’s of potential employees. There are a few bugs that needed worked out, but hopefully this legislation will give employers a means to verify the citizenship status of its potential employees.

    Thanks for the comment


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