Hillary’s Economic Plan



  1. John

    Hillary is such an ambiguous president candidate. First she votes against ethanol then she changes her mind and decides to support it in her energy plan. In the last debate, she contradicted herself in different subjects, which is obvious in this video that compares her many contradictions at the same day: http://www.weshow.com/us/p/22225/the_politics_of_parsing_by_hillary_clinton
    You guys that have watched the debate or this video that shows just some of her obvious contradictions should agree with me that we just can’t vote for a so clearly pathetic candidate.

  2. engelfluglen

    She’s just full of it, in my opinion. She only cares about Hillary and will do whatever she deems necessary in order to be back in the White House

  1. 1 University Update - Hillary Clinton - hillarys-economic-plan.jpg

    […] Clark hillarys-economic-plan.jpg » This Summary is from an article posted at Morning Coffee on Wednesday, November 07, 2007 […]

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