South Carolina GOP Race, about as tight as it gets

South Carolina is the first Primary in the south and since 1980 no Republican has won the nomination without first claiming victory in the Palmetto State. The latest Real Clear Politics Poll Average puts the race too close to call.

Romney leads the pack at 19.3, followed closely by Rudy at 19, and Fred Thompson at 18.3… John McCain is still within striking distance at 12.3…

The dynamics certainly will change before the primary, Iowa and Michigan will have their contests earlier, and New Hampshire is expected to as well, which means some candidates could be knocked out before South Carolinans vote.

It will be interesting to see if Mike Huckabee can improve his polling numbers (currently at 6) and be competitive in South Carolina as well.  To do this though would likely require him to do surprisingly well in at least 1 of the earlier contests.

But for now the race is a toss-up..


  1. Rockyspoon

    What’s interesting is the dramatic change the polls have indicated in the past three months–Romney was just above 7% in the latter part of August in South Carolina, but now has surged to 19.3%! This comes at the expense of Guiliani, Thompson, and McCain. At the same time, Huckabee has gone from a non-entity (0) to 6%. Romney’s surge in the polls reflects the fact that when he spends time with people, they like what they see. That’s just what he did in Iowa and New Hampshire, so it’s a fairly established trend. I predict Romney will win the first several primary states, which will propel him to the nomination. And once the nation as a whole sees what he’s done and what he stands for, he’ll be our next president.

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