Fred Thompson discusses abortion on MTP

Vodpod videos no longer available.

I think he did a very good job discussing a very sensitive issue.

Comments anyone?


  1. sschott

    Fred Thompson is, based on what he has said, a viable candidate in my thinking. I have always had, as one of my standards of judgement of candidates, do they vote pro-life. I believe that a country that does not respect life, no matter how small, will not long be successful.

    We live in a country where we are prohibited from drilling for oil, that would help us become independent of middle east oil, in certain areas because it would threaten the life of certain animal species, and yet, we don’t think twice about allowing women to kill their unborn child, most times in quite gruesome ways.

    What hypocrites we are, as a nation.

  2. I kept waiting for Thompson to complain that Russert was trying to be misleading and play ‘gotcha’….

    .. oh yeah that only works if you are Hillary.

    Re abortion, this stance would hurt him with hardliners down south, and the Dobson followers. Absolutists.

    I however think it is reasonable, if wrong, and would still vote for him.

    If abortion is murder in NC, it is murder in NY. Geography doesn’t change the immorality of it. But he is standing on Federalist principles and on that he has found terrafirma.

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