Venezuelan forces clash with anti-Chavez protesters

hugo-fidel.jpgVenezuelan security forces clashed with protesters on Thursday, using tear gas, rubber bullets and water cannons to break up a march against President Hugo Chavez’s plan to scrap term limits.

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I would bet by spring Hugo will have been declared President for Life…. Following in the footsteps of his Idol Fidel Castro…  


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  1. Larry

    The Venezuelan people brought this nightmare of a “president” on themselves. They had the opportunity to oust him from office a few years back but, instead, they believed his empty, self-serving speaches and thought they’d have their government provide them with everything they needed in life. How stupid can they be!

    All Hugo Chavez ever wanted was total power and control over the Venezuelan people, and the country. He’s lied through his teeth and has eliminated opposition. He is only one step away from having a total dictatorship installed and the Venezuelan people will then live in fear.

    He has nationalized nearly everything of value in the country; has taken control of the news media; passed laws that only benefit him and his associates; and most free-world corporations have left the country because they want no part of this power-crazy “president.”

    Venezuela will soon have the Adolf Hitler of the 21st Century! Only the military will be able to overthrow him and return the country to a democracy. But, since Chavez lavishes favors on the military leaders, this isn’t about to happen. It will take a Venezuelan revolution to topple this maniac!

  2. When are the Hollywood stars going to talk to one of the students instead of the student’s tyrannical dictator?

  3. gregdn

    and this has what to do with us?

  4. tantheblackhearted

    Well Greg,

    Another thriving democracy has crashed and burned.

    Do you think we should have more dictatorships?

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