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Notice that when Tim Russert asked the Candidates

Is there anyone here that believes that an Illegal Immigrant should not have a Drivers License?

Only one of the candidates had the courage to reply that driving is a privilege not a right.  I disagree with Senator Dodd on almost every issue in this campaign but I got to respect him for taking a position that is opposite of the rest of his party’s candidates.

Since Dodd is at best a long shot to get the nomination, it is pretty clear which party is willing to make it easier for terrorists to have access to legal identification doccuments for the sake of thier own short term political gain.  


  1. The Democrats are traitors to all that was fine and good in America. You have to expect them to want to hand the country to a bunch of illegal immigrants.

  2. bandit

    Illegal aliens shouldn’t have drivers licenses?!?!? Why ? What could possibly go wrong?

  3. I say again…I think. The majority of governors in the US are in favor of providing some form of legitimate drivers’ IDs to illegals. The thought process is that if they are licenses, they will be more likely to drive safely (I don’t buy that) and that they will have to be insured (???). Its not just the Democrats Darrell etal. The real issue is the Real ID Act of 2005 and all of its implications.

  4. There is something important to know about Barack Obama vis a vis driver’s licenses for illegals. I didn’t see the debate and so I don’t know his particular answer. I do however know what he did while in the Illinois legislature. He didn’t merely support the act but lead in trying to get it enacted. Check out this article from four years ago. Remember, back then he was an unknown state legislator.


    Thus, he can say all he wants now, but clearly he not only supports the act but would be a leader in making it happen.

    Frankly, through words and deeds both Clinton and Obama have shown me at least that they are for open borders. Here is how I analyzed it.


  5. But Mike, frankly, through words and deeds, isn’t President Bush in favor of open borders? Please don’t tell me that he isn’t…everything that I know and see says that’s his policy…and it is his policy to essentially look the other way when it comes to illegals.

    Besides, no one here has addresses the question of the Real ID Act of 2005 and all of its implications.

  6. Storm you are absolutely right that there are Republicans and Dems on both sides of this issue, but the Republican leadership is split, some want comprehensive reform that includes amnesty, others don’t… The Dem Leadership on the other hand is pretty much in line with the Amnesty line of thought.

    It is interesting that all of the Dem Senators on stage during the debate voted for the Real Id Act (the Vote was 100 – 0) in the Senate. Of those Senators on stage only Dodd was consistent, the others indicated they all supported licenses for illegals.

    If I am not mistaken I think that in order to get around the Real ID Act, some states have been exploring two or three tiers of drivers licenses, the lowest tier would allow illegals to drive legally and get insurance, but would not be an acceptable form of ID to travel or to enter Federal Office buildings.

    Before I say I either agree or disagree with this policy proposal I need to research it further, but in essence it does provide at a minimum a feeder document establishing residency and Identification…. To me this seems ridiculous, and provides another avenue for potential terrorists to exploit. But again I do need to research it further.

    Thanks for your comments


  7. This follows the same rationale as gun control — the idea that having an artifact changes behavior; it does not. Having a gun doesn’t cause someone to kill. And a person who is willing to commit murder is willing to commit a whole host of crimes, not the least of which is steal a gun, buy some poison, or use a knife. Possession of a gun is not the cause of crime, but it does significantly reduce one’s chances of self defense not to have one.

    By the same token, having a driver’s license will not make illegals safer drivers anymore than your teenager at fifteen who has a permit. It also will not stop them from driving without insurance – a lawbreaker is a lawbreaker.

    It will legitimize their unlawful behavior and be funded by the taxpayer. It won’t make NY safer. Artifacts don’t change behavior.,. people are responsible for their own actions, and government should not endorse a segment of lawlessness.

    None of us have the right to choose which laws we can disregard with impunity.

    Can’t Spitzer get a legal immigrant to clean his house – and she can get her driver’s license legally, too.

  8. Darrell: And the new improved NY-Spitzer plan is the 3-tier program. I support the Real ID Act. But Spitzer is fighting an internal battle with the Satte legislature too. This latest blow-up cmae form that.

    Off line I could maybe tell you more.

  9. tantheblackhearted


    Are you kidding me? NO illegals SHOULD NOT have drivers licenses. WHY?

    Because they are ILLEGAL.

    Why is this concept so difficult for some?

    Should we make it easier for illegals to integrate into our system? Why should I consider this?

    My family did it the right way, they stood in line for days on end at ELLIS ISLAND.

    Come here legally, it’s a different story, otherwise, I say…make it as rough as possible, find out, AND THROW THEM THE HELL OUT.

  10. Oh please, lets not be spoiled sports. We already taught them to fly. Now, lets teach ‘em to drive. Get ’em out of the “shadows.” After all, Leon Panetta would be the first to remind us that immigrants paved these roads. “This is a complicated issue,” says Bill Clinton. But how “complicated” really is illegal immigration? Besides, what could go wrong? What possible harm could there be: http://theseedsof9-11.com

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