Oil Prices near record highs… Energy independence is still nothing more than Rhetoric

Oil is at Record Highs, yet what are we doing to move toward energy independence? Drilling in ANWAR? Nope, Expanding the use of Coal… Not a chance… building more Nuclear power facilities? Again the answer is NO!  Politicians from both parties have campaigned for years about energy independence yet all we get from either party is more rhetoric and no real solutions. It is well past time to put politics aside and actually do something here.

Politicians from both sides of the aisle have objected for years about expanding exploration and drilling in the Gulf of Mexico & off the coast of California, yet none of these same politicians raised a voice of concern when Cuba & China announced plans to do exactly that.

Now I know that we will never drill our way to energy Independence, but we should be expanding our exploration and drilling for oil in a sound environmentally friendly way while we research and develop new energy sources. 

Who stands a better chance of getting oil from the Gulf without endangering the environment… It certainly is not the Chinese…. But I am sure that with the right contributions to a Presidential wannabe the Federal Government will remain silent on the issue.

Proprierter Nation has an older Post on Energy Independence and our Addiction to oil… If anyone else has a post on this issue I would be glad to link to it here.. Just put a note in the comments.

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  1. I have a lot of thougths on this. I am of the belief that energy independence is a pipe dream because the powers that be, the energy companies, want it that way. I believe they are an oligopoly that acts as a cartel, and by keeping alternative fuel sources to a minimum they can continue to get fat. One of the first blog posts I wrote was about this and I have been attacked by many fellow conservatives on it, however I believe that there are only two ways to achieve energy independence. One is to break up the oil companies. The other is to lower capital gains taxes to zero for any company involved in alternative energy. Here is how I saw it.


  2. Interesting Post Mike, I disagree with breaking up the various oil companies. Much of the competition for the big oil companies comes from state owned and operated companies like Venezuela’s Petroleos. In Fact nearly 80% of the worlds known oil reserves is controlled by Governments like Venezuela, Saudi Arabia etc… If we were to break up companies like Exxon or Chevron those companies would not be able to compete with the nation states for the exploration and drilling rights.

    Eliminating the capital gains tax on companies involved in Alternatitve fuels research & development is certainly an Idea worth exploring.

    Thanks again for your comment


  3. Ed

    Must be the author drives an SUV and screams at the $80 price to fill and drive 75 miles until the tank nears empty. Everybody misses the demand side of the equation and is all hot to drill to get what may result in a temporary 5% reduction on foreign sources until domestic demand eventually increases sufficienctly to burn it up. Then what do we do?
    The operative word in solving the problem is ‘conservation’ until alternative energy sources are sufficiently adequate.
    Let’s raise the fuel tax by $2.00 to dampen demand while funding domestic needs at the same time.


  4. I’ve watched the price of regular rise from $2.57 to $2.79 (or higher) in a matter of 10 days. There’s something “buggy” about that.

  5. Ed;

    Conservation is part of the solution, just as expanded drilling and exploration is part of the solution. Raising taxes on Gas will do nothing but bring the economy to a screeching hault. Without a vibrant economy there is no $$ for R & D into alternative fuels.

    Have a nice day


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