Suit aims to stop illegal-immigrant law

I would bet the American Criminal Liberties Union is behind the lawsuit…

One of the toughest state laws targeting illegal immigrants takes effect Thursday in Oklahoma, prompting efforts by immigrants trying to block it and work by state agencies to comply.

The law makes it a felony to transport or shelter illegal immigrants. Businesses, which are barred by federal law from hiring illegal immigrants, can be sued by a legal worker who is displaced by an illegal one.

The measure denies illegal immigrants certain public benefits such as rental assistance and fuel subsidies.

“It’s clearly one of the most restrictive policies” in the country, says Cecilia Muñoz of the National Council of La Raza, a Hispanic civil rights organization.

Muñoz says she’s particularly concerned about a provision that gives local police the authority to check immigration status. Such policies create fear among all Hispanics, including those in the country legally, and may contribute to discrimination, she says.

This is not a law about race, it is a law that prevents people in this country illegally from getting taxpayer supported financial assistance. It removes one of the many incentives for people to come here illegally.  If more states had laws like this the illegal immigration problem we have would be much smaller.  

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