Obama Fundraiser Defects to Clinton

With Obama, Edwards, and everyone else on the Dems wannabe list failing to go after Clinton where she is most vulnerable, you really got to wonder if the other candidates are serious in their Presidential Bid.

Looks as though one of Obama’s fundraisers is bailing out on his sinking campaign and jumping over to Camp Hill… Hey maybe he likes Chinese Food… 

From the AP 

A longtime Democratic fundraiser has abandoned Barack Obama’s campaign to help rival Hillary Rodham Clinton win the party’s presidential nomination.

Bob Farmer, who was a top fundraiser for several past Democratic presidential candidates, had served on Obama’s national finance committee.

Farmer did not respond to a request for comment after a message was left at his home in Bal Harbour, Fla. But Kirk Wagar, Obama’s Florida finance chair, said Farmer let him know he was switching sides without saying why.

“I thanked him,” Wagar said.

In response to the departure, Obama spokesman Bill Burton said, “He was not a bundler. He didn’t raise any money for us, but we wish him well.” Bundlers had committed to raise at least $50,000 for the campaign.

Personally I don’t really care who gets the Dem nomination, but those who claim to be competing for it should at least make it look good. The way it looks now the Dem Primaries are little more than a farce…


  1. Otto

    I’m afraid the Democrats are not going to start a civil war in their party the main beneficiaries of which would be the Republicans. That sounds more like good politics to me than a farce. What I’m so surprised about is why a conservative blog like this should be so unhappy about it. Aren’t we going to get the candidate that it will the easiest to beat. Conservatives have been telling the world for the past two years that the daughter of satan was unelectable. The reality of course is rather different. There’s no doubt Clinton is going to get the nomination and at the present time I’d say she’s going to win by a landslide. And I’m a Republican, but a realist.

  2. We need more than a farce on the Democratic side – Hillary is able to hold on to her money and save it for the Republican opponent. The Repubs will be outspent this election by a wide margin, and couple that with the fawning coverage the media will give her – Repubs face an uphill battle.

  3. I think Hillary’s (Hellary) going to win the nomination.

    I blogged on the GOP’s chances yesterday, which are good. The Democrats are no sure thing in 2008, but the GOP candidate has to be especially sharp. The primaries also need to end quickly, to prevent a long, drawn out campaign, so general election votoers can rally around the eventual nominee, and fundraising can pick up.

    Great posting!

    You’re on the blogroll over on my page, in case I didn’t mention it earlier.

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