Democratic  presidential contenders Joe Biden, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are comparing dreams they’ve had. 

Biden said he dreamed the Lord came to him and predicted he would be the Democratic nominee, Obama replied God had, in fact, visited him and said he would not only be the nominee, but the next president.

Said Clinton: “I had a dream too,  but I don’t remember telling either one of you those things.” 


  1. kip

    That’s pretty funny!

  2. cpacek

    LOL that is so funny!! And true in a sick kind of way.

  3. Paul Trampe

    It’s funny but not original. At the first day of the 1960 Dem convention, JFK told the same story with himself and Adlai Stevenson having the first two dreams and Lyndon Johnson not remembering telling the others that they would be President.

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