Poll Result that Camp Hill will not be happy with

Here is a poll result that folks supporting Hillary Clinton will not be happy with.  50% identified her as the one candidate they would never vote for…

vote_graph_t180.jpgWhile she is winning wide support in nationwide samples among Democrats in the race for their party’s presidential nomination, half of likely voters nationwide said they would never vote for New York Sen. Hillary Clinton, a new Zogby Interactive poll shows.

The online survey of 9,718 likely voters nationwide showed that 50 percent said Clinton would never get their presidential vote. This is up from 46 percent who said they could never vote for Clinton in a Zogby International telephone survey conducted in early March. Older voters are most resistant to Clinton — 59 percent of those age 65 and older said they would never vote for the New York senator, but she is much more acceptable to younger voters: 42 percent of those age 18-29 said they would never vote for Clinton for president.


You do got to wonder though if the poll takers accounted for all the “deceased voters” that will undobtedly turn out for whomever the Dem Nominee is?

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  1. Stevend

    The older voters are the ones who WILL turn out on election day. They are also the ones that is very difficul to change their opinion once formed.

    She may have a good chance to chance the opinion of younger voters, but can she get them to the polls in numbers to make a difference….I doubt it.

  2. Stevend All you say is true, it is the dead voters though that could shift the election.

    Thanks for your comment


  3. Marc

    For the Dems to run the most hated woman in America — in fact, the most hated candidate in either party — is a helluva election strategy. Yet, she could win nonetheless because the GOP is so weak on every front.

    As a Republican, I find it hard to have hope. Rudy could attract a lot of crossover votes, but the social conservatives would stay home or bolt to a third party. I had great hopes for Fred, but he hasn’t lived up to expectations. Mitt — well, maybe — we’ll see.

    Maybe the GOP can carve out another razor-thin victory, but right now, Hillary can go ahead and start choosing her cabinet. I hope I’m wrong.

  4. Marc;

    God I hope you are wrong…

    Thanks for the comment


  5. I know what you mean, Darrell, I understand that one hundred percent of the dead vote will go to Hillary. ACORN will be actively looking to generate just the right number – note how those last hold outs in close elections come from places that always fall to dems – with just enough votes.

    Most recently this is how Webb became a senator.

    If enough votes can’t be ‘found’, there are challenges to the results until enough recounts yield the right outcome – thinking Washington governor on that one.

    There’s lots of ways for dems to win… the dead is a reliable voting block for Hillary, but by no means the only method in her bag of tricks.

    Since this is a Zogby poll, I always add 8 points to the result. There is probably closer to sixty percent of people who will never vote for her.

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