Pakistan about to become very bloody

The Aftermath from the Assassination attempt on Benazir Bhutto that killed over 130 people is just the latest of what is likely to be a very bloody conflict. In the last few years there have been at least five assassination attempts on Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf, each blamed on Al-Qaeda affiliated groups and Islamic extremists. The attempt on Bhutto has likewise been blamed on Extremest Militants. 

From the International Herald Tribune 

A pale and shaken Benazir Bhutto vowed Friday not to be deterred by the bomb blasts that wrecked her triumphant homecoming and killed more than a hundred of her supporters, and she blamed extremist militants, who she said wanted to take over the country.

Unfortunately those extremists have sympathizers within the Pakistani government and its various agencies…

…she again accused certain people in the government for involvement in terrorism or at least for showing sympathy for the terrorist cause. She said she had named “three individuals and more” in the government in a letter to Musharraf two days before her return to Pakistan.

“I am not accusing the government, but I am accusing certain individuals who abuse their positions, who abuse their powers,” she said. “I know in my heart who my enemies are,” she said.

The latest Bin Laden audio tape last month specifically mentioned removing the Musharraf Government because “He is a traitor to Islam and Muslims

Musharraf though appears to be ready for an offensive aimed at the heart of the terrorist support networks in North and South Waziristan.

Hat Tip to Weasel Zippers

From the Daily Times Monitor 

An all-out battle for control of North and South Waziristan is about to commence between the army, the Taliban and their Al Qaeda adherents, according to a report published in The Asia Times.

The report states that a Pakistani security official, speaking to Asia Times Online on condition of anonymity, said the army aimed to completely pacify the two Waziristans “once and for all”.

It is also expected that the terrorists will in turn target the cities of Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad.  This could well be one of the most significant campaigns yet in the War on Terror.  If successful it could severely damage the Taliban and Al-Qaeda operations in Afghanistan as well as terrorist insurgencies in Iraq.

Counterterrorism Blog has more on the overall Pakistan situation, and Right Truth has more on the Bhutto Assassination Attempt, and the reaction to it in Pakistan.


  1. Pakistan has been on the verge of bloodiness for months…like since Musharraf made all of thos econcessions to the Taliban.

  2. I agree that Pakistan has been on the Verge for quite some time, but if an upcoming offensive in Waziristan is indeed in the works, and if the Pakistani Military is capable and willing to carry it out it would certainly be a welcome turn of events in Pakistan. Those are a couple very big IF’s Though.

    Thanks for your comment…


  3. SSSailor

    This will be down and dirty.
    The prize is the NUC WEPS.

  4. Sailor you are absolutely correct, If Musharraf is able to pull this off it will be a major victory in the War on Terror… If however the Terrorists are able to topple his government the whole world will have gotten much more dangerous.

    Thanks for your comment


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