Hillary’s “Crime On Tape” Protected By CA Appellate Court

The following post is a bit one sided as it presents only Peter Paul’s version of events, but for a Party that ran it’s 2006 congressional election campaigns based on a Culture of Corruption, you would think that someone in the Democratic party would be questioning Clinton and her associates….

For someone that some people say is the smartest woman on the planet you have to wonder how does she keep getting duped by people like Peter Paul, Norman Hsu, David Rosen, & Sant S. Chatwal.

Clinton will continue to deny any knowledge of wrongdoing and claim she was totally unaware of the financial shenanigans… I guess the plausible deniability is why one of the first acts as President that Bill Clinton did was to create the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell Policy  

From Peter Paul.com  

A California appellate court ruled several days ago that video taped evidence of Hillary Clinton committing a felony was not admissible in a civil suit against her.

…Paul v Clinton will now proceed against the remaining defendants, former President Bill Clinton, Grammys producer gary Smith and strip club owner James Levin, who exhausted their appeals to the California Supreme Court in 2004 and their trial date for March, 2007 will now be reset for 2008 with Hillary Clinton guaranteed by the judge to be required to testify under oath as a material witness.

With the Clinton’s record of truthfulness, however getting her to testify likely won’t mean much unless she gets caught in a lie under oath.

Here are a couple of Video’s that were posted on YouTube by Peter Paul

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  1. Hi Darrell:

    I had no idea people think she’s the “smartest” woman in the world. I’ve read a few times she’s considered the most power-hungry and Machiavellian, however.

    Thanks for commenting on my blog. I’ve added your page to the blogroll and will keep you posted with updates on the Blog Watch series.

    Keep it up over here!

  2. kevin gardner

    …who’s afraid of Virginia Wolfe (???); you mean Hillary Clinton.
    She’s scary and I don’t mean just physically.

  1. 1 University Update - Hillary Clinton - Hillary’s “Crime On Tape” Protected By CA Appellate Court

    […] Clark Hillary’s “Crime On Tape” Protected By CA Appellate Court » This Summary is from an article posted at Morning Coffee on Saturday, October 20, 2007 […]

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