Democrats have done nothing but play political gamesmanship with this from the beginning, for no other reason than to get a few soundbites to use in the 2008 elections. The administration has made it perfectly clear that they are willing to expand SCHIP and increase its funding… just not to the extent that they are moving families away from private health-care coverage to government sponsored programs.

When the Democrats put a 12 yr old boy on center stage to to deliver the Democrats weekly radio address they used the same tactic that they have so often used in the past.  Democrats exploited someone that anyone with a heart would have sympathy for and then demonize all those who question the circumstances and how they arrived at their current situation that the child and his family are in.  Ann Coulter described this in one of her books when she mentioned some of the 9-11 widows she referred to as the  “Jersey Girls“.

Democrats are obviously more interested in getting those soundbites than in addressing healthcare for poor children.

From Bloomberg     

House supporters of legislation to expand a U.S. children’s health program will attempt today to override President George W. Bush’s veto, as they weigh whether to compromise if they fall short.

Bush’s rejection on Oct. 3 of the legislation to add $35 billion over five years to the State Children’s Health Insurance Program was the fourth veto of his presidency. None has been overturned, and Bush said yesterday it’s “unlikely” this one will be.

If the veto stands, Democrats who control Congress would have to decide whether to settle for less money and stricter limits on the family income of kids covered by the program, as Bush has proposed, or to keep sending him the same measure and attempt to blame the president for leaving poor children without health care.

Kathy at Hang Right Politics has an excellent post about Socialized Health Care that is well worth reading.

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  1. I agree that the Dems have done nothing but play political gamesmanship, however let’s all wake up. Their gamesmanship is working. Paul Simon sobbing for the poor kids, poor little Graeme Frost, and all the other poor kids they have trotted out, all of those things have given them an advantage.

    This is frankly shameful, because if you look at a Gallup poll, you will see that while the people favor the Dems on SCHIP, they actually agree on policy with the Reps. That means the Reps have failed miserably in debating the policy.

    There is now a counter proposal that Reps have come up with. Now, unless they go out and sell it, it will make no difference. I hope they will. By the way, the override failed.

    Here is how I see the situation…

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