Fred On Illegal Immigration and Border Security

Yesterday I posted that Fred Thompson was going to address Illegal Immigration at a campaign stop in Georgia. Here is the Atlanta Journal Constitution’s coverage Thompson’s visit.  

… Thompson put illegal immigration atop of a long list of positions that he said proved his conservative pedigree.

Thompson accused both Romney and Giuliani of tolerating “sanctuary” policies endorsed by some U.S. cities, in which local authorites routinely don’t inquire into an individual’s immigration status.

“I voted to do away with sanctuary cities,” said Thompson. He pointed to Rudy Giuliani, the former mayor of New York. “I don’t know where [Giuliani] stands today on that. I know where he stood then,” Thompson said.

Later, Thompson said that after securing the U.S. border, the millions of undocumented foreign workers now working in the U.S. could be addressed through attrition.

“They set up a false choice — either we get giant busloads of people tomorrow, and round them all up, or we have to grant amnesty. Attrition by enforcement is what makes the most sense,” he said.

But Thompson said he didn’t favor tougher penalties for businesses who employ illegal workers. “I think the issue now has to do more with enforcement,” he said.

I agree for the most part with what Fred said on the issue, but one point that I do disagree with him on is the penalties for businesses who knowingly hire illegals. I definatly think that those penalties need to be increased and enforced.  Before we are able to do that though we must provide employers the means to verify the citizenship status of its potential employees.    

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  1. U.S.Citizen

    Dear Fred,

    As with all of you that are running for office I have yet to hear
    any of you offer a true solution to the situation at hand regarding illegal immigrants, However if I may be so-bold as to say that perhaps I may have something to offer maybe no-one has thought of because no one has asked……you have my email send a note… presentation may make some heads turn
    and again why would one think that a mere man would be able to have an actual answer!

  2. Everyone says that illegal immigration is at the top of their priorities, and then there is a vote on making sanctuar cities illegal, and it is voted down. We passed a bill to build several hundred miles of fence, and currently just over ten miles have actually been built. Fred talks a good game on just about every issue, however he has never accomplished a good game on any issue. For that reason, I believe Rudy when he says he will solve it, because he has actually resolved issues in the past.

    Here are just two examples of our politicians so called commitment to resolving the illegal immigration crisis

  3. You’re right – we’re not going to have meaningful immigration reform without two things: workplace enforcement AND border security.

    So far, we havent’ been serious about the former, and only recently have we seen improvements in the former.

    Here’s a clear-headed article on last year’s immigration debate:

  4. Mike, we see eye to eye on the Immigration issue, and many others as well. There are many candidates who talk a good game on immigration, but the problem is that NONE of them have realy accomplished much in really addresing the problem.

    Tom Tancredo has done more than most others in getting this issue the attention it deserves, but I see him as a 1 Issue candidate. Fred, Romney and Rudy all have positives and negatives on the issue.

    Of those three I think Romney has actually taken steps as Governor to increase cooperation of State Law enforcement agencies with the Federal government, however I think that his successor has reversed many of those policies.

    Rudy’s record as a Prosecutor and as Mayor does come accross as someone who does get things done. But that track record shows little on this particular issue.

    Fred like you said talks a good game on this and many issues but beyond that he has not really put forth a plan to actually execute his game plan.

    There are several candidates that I think could better serve by being part of a future Administration. Rudy for example I think would be awesome as AG, & McCain would make a terrific SecDef.

    Thanks again for your comment


  5. AmericanNeocon:

    Workplace Enforcement and Border Security are two elements that we must address to actually get immigration reform. There is a third element, that I feel is just as important. Reducing and streamlining the bureaucratic nightmare that is our immigration system. Many of the folks who are trying to come here legally find themselves waiting for several years (some close to a decade) for final approval of citizenship.

    While we should be cracking down on those who are flagrantly breaking the laws here we also should be rewarding those who are following the rules and assimilating into our society.

    Thanks for your comment;


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