Clinton has passed Obama in the bank account as well as at the polls… Though how much of it is actually legal is anyone’s guess… Financial shenanigans in politics rarely come to light until months, sometimes years later…

From ABC News

Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton has pulled ahead of rival Barack Obama at the bank as well as in the polls and both continue to crush Republicans in the money race.

Clinton holds nearly $35 million three months before the voting starts, to Obama’s $32 million.

On the Republican side Rudy is still in the lead with 11.6 Million in the bank for the Primaries. He is being out spent however by Gov Mitt Romney. While this may mean that Romney will have to devote more time to fund-raising, he could also tap his personal wealth and loan his campaign the money he needs to stay competitive. 

How all this plays out… Check out RCP’s Poll Averages.  


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