Illegal Immigration in the News… Oct 16th

Here are a few news articles on Illegal Immigration…

Starting with Sanctuary Cities… It looks as though a plan to sanction local law enforcement that refuse or are prohibited from cooperating with federal agencies enforcing immigration laws. When you think about it the Sanctuary Cities are at a minimum obstructing justice.  Perhaps holding the elected leaders of sanctuary cities financially liable for the crimes committed by the illegals they refuse to allow to be deported is something that should be explored.  

Plan to Crack Down on ‘Sanctuary Cities’ Likely to Fail in Senate

WASHINGTON —  A House-passed plan to threaten local police agencies with losing federal money if they don’t assist in cracking down on illegal immigration appeared to be heading toward defeat in the Senate

Sen. David Vitter, R-La., introduced the plan Tuesday in his chamber as part of the appropriations bill covering the Department of Justice. He said the amendment would take aim at so-called “sanctuary cities” that have policies that protect illegal immigrants from federal efforts to find them and deport them.

“Some of our largest cities practice sanctuary policies that protect and provide assistance to illegal aliens. My amendment instructs (the Department of Justice) to withhold federal policing funds from those cities that continue their sanctuary city policies,” Vitter said in news release.

Vitter’s amendment would withhold money from the Justice Department’s Community Oriented Policing Services, or COPS, program. Recent awards for the program created during the Clinton administration include $43.6 million to 117 law enforcement agencies to fight methamphetamine; $159 million in technology grants to 37 agencies; and $15 million to seven Louisiana agencies for crime fighting in the state, according to recent Justice Department information.

Officials in Georgia are making it more difficult for illegals to obtain drivers licenses.

Illegals driving in Georgia though will have it a bit tougher

Drivers license bureaus and Georgia roads are becoming riskier places for illegal immigrants.

About two dozen drivers license investigators, state troopers and GBI agents have completed federal training to determine a suspect’s legal status in the United States and, if necessary, start deportation proceedings.

Until now, the Cobb County Sheriff’s Office has been the only police agency in Georgia to train with Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Cobb began deporting inmates from its jail in July.

The newly trained officers — three driver’s license fraud investigators, 14 state troopers and five Georgia Bureau of Investigation agents — will start work over the next few months. Some are waiting for computer access to federal immigration data.

In addition, this year’s state budget provides $537,860 to hire 10 new driver’s license fraud investigators for centers around the state.

But those Illegals in Georgia are welcome New York… at least by the Governor.

New Yorkers oppose Spitzer’s license plan

Armed with results of the first poll on Gov. Eliot Spitzer’s proposal to make it easier for illegal immigrants to get driver’s licenses, Senate Republicans on Monday sought to delay the policy’s implementation and warned they could dismantle it in budget negotiations beginning in January.

The Governor’s plan to give illegals Divers licenses is in violation of the REAL ID Act… Since both of New York’s Senators voted for the Real ID Act, you would think that someone in the media would have some tough questions for Hillary Clinton on her support for the Real ID Act, and how Governor Spitzer illegal driver plan doesn’t square with it…

But you really can not expect the Media to have many tough questions for the Democratic front runner can you?  

  1. Its nice to see someone online with my mind set. Because of crap like this and how people agree with it I gave up watching cnn.

  2. Emma

    I know what you mean. I’m starting to think I’m an illegal immigrant in my own country.

    The way Spitzer is carrying on, you’d think questioning any part of his policy change damns us all to eternal hell.

  3. Watch Lou Dobbs on CNN. He doesn’t hesitate to tell it like it is with Spitzer and all the ILLEGAL immigration issues. He even brought up something that I had been thinking about and that is voter fraud. We need to be ever vigilant.

  4. Nana60

    Thank you for your comment, I have posted a few illegal immigration items from Lou Dobbs, and agree with much of his position on the issue.

    In my initial post on the NY Drivers Licenses I raised the question of voter registration. NY Like many states when you get your drivers license you can also register to vote. I am sure the Democrats will be attempting to exploit this to get as many illegals to vote for thier candidate in 2008.

    My Original Post

    Thanks again for your comment


  5. emily

    First of all, Illegal immigrants, include people’s husbands and wives who are trying to become legal, but the government is slow in every decision. so, if married to a US Citizen, why should they be denied a driver’s liscence? Why shouldn’t they be able to work and pay taxes? Why not?

  6. tantheblackhearted

    Because Emily…..the word that sticks out in your statement is I-L-L-E-G-A-L.

    Get out, come back legally, then we’ll talk about a driver’s license.

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