The first of many… Boomer files for Social Security

How long before Politicians on both sides of the aisle commit to reforming Social Security. Ignoring the problem will not make it go away, and delaying action to fix it only makes the cost to fix it increase.

I seem to recall the President saying that to fix Social Security everything was on the table, he just couldn’t get Democrats to sit at the table to discuss it…

Now that the first of the boomers are begining to enter retirement the problem is only going to get worse and the fix for the problem more expensive….

Thank the Democrats for refusing to even sit down and discuss it.

From ABC News

Kathleen Casey-Kirschling was born New Year’s Day 1946, at one second past midnight, making her the first baby of a new generation.

Raised on “Howdy Doody” and hula hoops, she danced on “American Bandstand.” Her first husband served in Vietnam. And in later years, she prospered like many of her classmates — the baby boomers.

“I just happened to be the first. The first of many,” Casey-Kirschling said.

Today, she reached another milestone — she became the first baby boomer to sign up to receive Social Security payments.

“It’s a great feeling to know that after all these years of working and seeing that taken out of your check that actually you’re getting it back,” she said.

Trouble is, 80 million others are right behind her. Casey-Kirschling is the raindrop that’s about to become a tidal wave.


  1. Travis W.

    Democrats wouldn’t sit down to discuss it? Who has been in charge of the White House, congress, and congressional commitees the last five years? Republicans- who controlled the agenda such that for over six years Bush never issued a veto.

    Republicans have been in charge of leading the legislatiture in both houses since 2002. They control the commitees, and had a majority until this year, which includes 2005 when Bush tried to get them to do something about it.

    I notice that both current efforts are co-sponsored by a Democrat and a Republican. It is everyones problem, and is as much a fault of the Republicans, if not more due to their missed opportunity.

  2. Travis;

    In 2005 there were never enough votes to get any kind of Social Security reform through the Democrats Senate Fillabuster. Bush and Republicans tried to get Dems together for a bi-partisian bill, but Dems refused to even talk about one as long as as any form of privitization was on the table.

    So yeah blame the Dems.

  3. Well Travis, I agree with you. It’s a universal problem. But don’t look for the democrats to propose any solutions. They sit back and wait for republicans to come up with ideas so they can shoot them down.

    So much for the democrat congress getting anything done. It’s fun to be a clown until you have to run the circus.

  4. Travis

    I’m guess I am more of a centrist. I see Democrats proposing plans all the time (albeit the new Democrat congress has been disappointing in their efforts at doing anything. It’s like they forgot how to drive congress). I believe Al Gore made Social Security a priority in 2000 but Americans weren’t ready to take that issue on yet. The same is true in Bush in ’05, and he was ready to tackle it. But it is true that actions never got through committee.

    Typically a party in charge will at least push a “popular” bill through and force the opposition to shoot it down. That’s what the Democrats did with the current children’s healthcare bill- they know they don’t have enough votes to overturn a veto, but forced the Republican’s hands anyway. (The Republicans have done this several times in recent years also). It’s nasty. It is politicis.

    I think we need to get away from party “political machines” and demagogues such as Michael Moore and Ann Coulter, and back into a more balanced political environment. Both Democrats and Republicans are now in a position where they need to largely serve their parties, even if they would normally compromise (which before ’90s is the case), or get eaten by the wolves. I know it is cliche, but I think it is true. And that’s why Americans are jaded. Both political parties are highly guilt of this.

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