The Republican Field needs to step up

The 2008 Presidential elections is likely one of the most important in our nations history. We have an ongoing war on terror that we must continue to fight, and Iraq is part of that fight. We will have millions of baby boomers who will be entering retirement during the next presidents term in office, and a congress that is unwilling to reign in spending even on some of the most ludicrous programs and pet projects imaginable.   

We need a Presidential Candidate that offers solutions to the problems we face, unfortunately I don’t see those solutions coming from any of the Presidential candidates on either the Democratic or Republican side.  Clinton, Obama and the rest of Democrats are offering up one socialist program after another.  None of these programs will do anything other than create further dependency on a bigger and more bloated government.

One of the Republican Candidates, either Fred, Rudy, or Romney need to step up to the plate and offer the solutions for Americans to rally behind and vote for.  Just like Democrats could never win in 2004 based on the “I am not Bush” campaign,  Republicans in 2008 should not expect to win on a “I am not Hillary” campaign.  

Republicanpundit over at Hang Right Politics posted yesterday that Democrats have no chance in winning the presidency in 2008.  I share his optimism, just not his confidence in that statement.


  1. Sadly, I am neither optimistic nor confident.

  2. Schraged,

    I saw your site through the “Right Conservative” site on Stumbleupon.

    While I completely agree that being anti-Hillary alone is not enough, I think the top 4 republicans are all fine men, and on the big issue of Terrorism, they get it. I will be seeing them all this Tuesday in DC, so I will see who steps up and let you know.

    Also, I am a republican blogger. “The Tygrrrr Express” gets about 1000 hits per day.

    I hope it is ok to ask a complete stranger for help.

    I am competing in the bloggers choice awards, and am # 4 in the country. I am one spot behind left wing hate site Daily Kos, and I have 10 days to defeat the Kossacks.

    Anyway, I would like it very much if you would go to
    and vote for me for best political blog IF AND ONLY IF you feel my blog is of a high quality. If you are open to spreading the word, that would be cool as well.

    Thank you.

    eric aka

  3. Thanks for the link Darrell, it is an interesting prognostication that RP makes and he’s defended it pretty successfully through almost 100 comments.

    He does have a point that a country at war does not elect uncertainty for the CIC.

    And Hillary is entropy itself.

  4. Eric;

    Thanks for the comment, I agree that for the most part the top contenders on the Republican side do get it when it comes to the War on Terror. What has me concerned though is that most of the candidates and Rudy inparticular are spending more time talking about Hillary and what she will do and not about themselves and what they will do.

    I already have many reasons to oppose Hillary, what I want and I feel what many voters want is a reason to get behind one of the Republican Candidates… One of them has to step up to the plate.

    I have cast my vote for you in the Bloggers Choice Awards..

    Again thanks for the comment.


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