Mahmoud speaks… Threatens Israel again…

I guess he forgot the “We love all nations” speech at the Third World Dictators Conference. 

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Friday launched a new tirade against Israel amid growing tensions with the West, vowing to work to abolish the Jewish state and questioning the scale of the Holocaust.

Ahmadinejad said Iran would work until “all of Palestine is liberated” from Israeli hands, in a speech to mark the Quds day, Iran’s annual day of mass protest marches in solidarity with the Palestinians.

Tens of thousands of Iranians turned out for the march in central Tehran, carrying anti-Zionist banners, chanting “Death to Israel” and burning Israeli and American flags.

“The Palestinian people are standing firm. The Iranian people and other peoples will not stop until all of Palestinian territory is liberated,” Ahmadinejad told the faithful at Tehran University.

“They (world powers) should not think that the Iranian nation and other nations in the region will take off their hands off the throat of the Zionists and their supporters.”


  1. David Nickels

    By inviting Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to speak at Columbia University without assurances that he would do as promised (i.e) answer questions, Lee Bollinger, the faculty and students, gave an unfettered forum to one of the world’s most dangerous men, a hostage-taking kidnapper, a criminal, who advocates the destruction of a member country of the United Nations, and who, now we know, not only believes more research is required because the Holocaust never happened; but also, that there are no homosexuals in Iran! (Ironicly, Iran just recently executed two men for the “crime”, one was just 17 years old.)
    How difficult would it have been to ask questions prior to the televised event to elicit actual answers ? Get the response “in the can” to be released in the event disingenuosity got the best of him. Mr. Ahmadinejad is a well-known evader of questions. He deflects hard questions by simply avoiding an answer and instead, posing a question of his own. This, of course, comes as no surprise. After all ,that is his “modus operatus”. If he refused to answer the posed questions “in camera”, then he should have been dis-invited to speak in the public forum. It certainly would have saved the University from embarassment since they knew in advance the insidious nature of the little Iranian hijacker who now represents Iran to the world, but took no precaution.

  2. David, I agree completely. Columbia made a big mistake in giving the terrorist Ahmadinejad a microphone to spew his hatred.

    Thanks for your comment;


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