Have the Feds finally gotten it on Illegal Immigration?

In an Interview with ABC, Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff provided an encouraging picture on the enforcement of our immigration laws.  There have been dramatic recent increases in deportations. But with the record that the federal government has on enforcing immigration laws, I want to see far more over a much longer period of time before I believe they have actually gotten it. What is going to count most is continued and sustained enforcement. Otherwise who is going to believe that this is anything more than a publicity stunt. That being said… it is a good first step in the right direction… only time will tell if they continue to go in that direction.   

It is a new war on illegal immigration that grows increasingly visible and more intense by the day. 

“I think we’re talking about something the American people have never seen before, which is what do we do and what do we see when the government gets serious about using all the legal tools available to make the law work and to enforce the law,” Homeland Security Secretary Chertoff told ABC News in an exclusive interview.

“And that’s why there has been a tenfold increase or more in the number of absconders [fugitive aliens] that we’ve rounded up and sent back. And that’s why there have been dramatic increases in our removals, [and] we’ve gone from one or two criminal cases five or six years ago to about 800 criminal cases this past year, because we are really pulling out all the stops,” Chertoff continued.

Across the country, federal agents have been raiding businesses and homes in an unprecedented campaign targeting illegal immigrants.

Just last month, federal agents conducted work-site raids in seven cities, arresting nearly 200 undocumented workers. Another 2,357 illegal immigrants previously ordered deported were also rounded up.

In the last week in California, 1,300 illegal immigrants were arrested — one of the biggest sweeps in recent memory. On Long Island, authorities rounded up 186 people — most are believed to be gang members. In Nevada, more that 50 workers at McDonald’s restaurants were recently targeted.

Rest of the Interview here


  1. Carol Brombaugh

    Although it seems encouraging news, when you realize that the feds could have arrested almost 100 workers at just the small company where I am employed the paltry 200 is nothing more than a token.

    If they were really going to get serious about it, we would be seeing thousands going, not hundreds, and more would start to self-deport to avoid being shipped back at a time not of their choosing.

    Until we stop providing an incentive to come and even better incentives to stay once here, we will not see an end to this problem.

    This is nothing more than political drama.

  2. Donald Lebel

    If the Federal Government was really serious about enforcing the immigrations laws, and stopping terrorists, they’d better start looking North to Maryland and specifically to Montgomery County. A sanctuary State/County openly exists on the Nation’s Capital Northern border. Driver’s licenses are knowingly (and happily by the way) given to illegal aliens. The County openly disregards Federal laws by aiding and abeting illegal activity in the County, using hard earned taxpayer funds to pay for the State and County’s policy of supporting Mexico’s criminals and their poor. The elected County Executive breaks the law by helping employers hook up with illegals at taxpayer funded work sites. Police look the other way when an illegal is involved and thus do not protect U.S. citizens. A large majority of the state’s population do not agree with this illegal activity where the County refuses to aide by the law. There’s absolutly no security when our State Government refuses to enforce laws. If this is allowed to happen, where does it stop. Communities are being adversely affected and I hear that people are moving out of the State to get away from a County Government that caters to it’s apparent Mexican constituency instead of the people that it has a legal obligation to represent. We’ll be leaving soon, so should you.

  3. jack kreg

    We Americans want work-place enforcement to continue, also want criminal aliens (numbering 500,000) rounded up and deported. So, these very recent micro-steps are encouraging, but we must notice that at this rate, the progress is really very minimal.

    Sadly, this small progress will be shut down in a new york minute, after we get pres-hil, next fall. Backed with her Dem congress, we will get the most open borders, that you have ever seen. Even Osama will be able to find his way thru. And God help us if we catch him inside the USA, he will get the ACLU to defend him and end up like OJ, happy-free and easy.

    I applaud this initial good news, and pray it continues.

  4. If the voters/constituents would hobble certain of their state senators (are you listening, Ted Kennedy?) who are solely responsible for this out-of-control situation (which has become even more impossible with lame attempts at “comprehensive immigration legislation” for, excuse me, criminals), then our federal government might be able to get a foothold on the situation.

    We smell smoke, and these self-serving senators are pouring nitro into it and causing conflagrations, and then they decry, criticize and demean the government’s attempts to put out the fire — which Kennedy lit in the first place.

  5. Carol, Donald, Jack and Lily;

    Thank you all for your comments, you have all made some very good points that are related. Which is why I am responding to you as a group rather than to each individual comment.

    Self deportation is only going to work IF immigration laws are universally enforced throughout the nation.. Unfortunately, they aren’t. There are too many Sanctuary Cities & States out there that aid and abbet the criminal enterprises associated with illegal immigration.

    The few thousand that have been recently deported is a very small drop in the bucket when compared to the 8 – 20 Million illegals that are here illegally. But that same drop is considerably larger than past efforts.

    And yes this is just one very small step towards a very lofty goal, but it is a step in the right direction. Only time will tell if the Federal government continues moving in that direction or not. I have no illusions that this administration has been good on this issue… but can you imagine what an Al Gore, John Kerry, or Hillary Clinton Administration will do?

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