While the House & Senate are busy writing letters demanding an apology from Rush Limbaugh for something the extreme left has taken out of context, what they are not discussing is the success that is happening on the ground in Iraq.  Clear evidence that the surge is having dramatic progress is essentially being ignored by congress. 

Reports of progress being made in Iraq does not support the “The War is Lost” mentality that Democrats have been proclaiming for years.  Instead of undermining our mission in Iraq (and our troops deployed in support of that mission) the nation would be far better served by political leaders who were working to achieve the goals of that mission.

It doesn’t matter what anyone’s position on the war in Iraq was to begin with, we are there now. We get no do-overs and what is done can not be undone. Bottom line is that there are only two ways out of Iraq.  In victory or in defeat.  There is no grey area nor any middle ground on this, we either win or lose.

It is well past time for Democrats and Republicans alike to put politics aside, end the political posturing, and do what it takes to win this war…. Because if we lose, May god help us all…

Here are a few links showing some of the progress being made in Iraq

Iraqi deaths fell by 50% last month

Iraqi Violence Ebbed in September

12 Suspects Detained During Operations to Disrupt Al-Qaeda

Terrorist Responsible for IED/EFP Attacks Captured 

  1. I think intelligent Americans are starting to see that the surge is working, and that leaving now would destroy the all-important progress made in the country, DESPITE what the MSM would have us believe (or the Leftist scholars, diplomats, and academics fighting with all their might to suppress the message).

  2. Thanks for the comment Todd, I think it is abundently clear that the surge is working, but as you pointed out the MSM, most Democrats and the Michael Moore Wing of the Republican Part… (Ron Paul Followers) are so eager to demonstrate failure in Iraq that they completely ignore the evidence of success.

    Thanks again for your comment..


  3. Humanist

    I read and sometimes despair of the black and white mentality that litters the internet. Iraq is not a video game or football game that is won or lost, it is an open wound that is festering, killing and disassembling a population.

    The surge was necessary but its aim, as the aim should always have been, should have been providing a safe stable environment for the peope of Iraq.

    The people of Iraq did not ask for Sadaam, they did not ask for suicide bombers and they certainly did not ask for “Shock and Awe”. Conservative estimates put the number of Iraqi civilians killed in the last 4 years at 1,000,000. Let me repeat that 1,000,000 ordinary people have died. Ordinary people, people trying to raise a family, people working 9-5, people trying to make the best of their lot in life. They are just you and I in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    Win or lose – there is no win or lose only the size of bandage matters.

  4. tantheblackhearted


    And the people sitting at their desks in the World Trade Center didn’t ask for the planes to come crashing into their buildings.

    The best thing the President did in the War on Terror was move the front lines from the corners of Liberty and West Streets to downtown Baghdad. Because whether you want to hear it or not, Saddam was a terrorist, was funding terrorism, was entertaining Al Qaeda on a regular basis, and unfortunately, the people of Iraq did nothing.

    The way I see it is this; if I have to live in fear of death, by a madman that thinks he can control my life, I will be the first in line to take a bullet in the soccer fields.

    Please save the bleeding heart nonsense. There is alot of good that has occurred since the military has been in Iraq. Schools are open, hospitals are functioning above the level of unsanitary conditions, and MAYBE, just MAYBE, an entire generation that has been trained in nothing but terrorism, kept ignorant on all levels, will finally learn there is another way, and that there is value on human life.

    It’s hard to have sympathy for a populace that straps bombs on its children.

  5. Hard to say if this is the direct result of the surge or simply the fact that there are fewer ethnically-mixed neighborhoods left.

    Either way, I hope these lower death tolls are the beginning of a trend.

  6. Todd, thank you for your comment, if the reduction in violence were because of fewer exthnically mixed neighborhoods the reductions would have been at a far more gradual pace over a much longer period of time. The sharp decrease in violence and the fact that that decrease coincides with the surge is pretty clear evidence that the surge is working.

    Also take a look at Iraq The Model’s post from August 28th…


    Here is an Excerpt.

    We’ve been getting some reports about the improvement in security in Anbar in the last few months but little was said about the highway that runs across the province. The several hundred kilometer western section of the international highway is technically Iraq’s second “port” in a way as it connects Iraq with Syria and Jordan and was for years the only window to the world when all airports and the southern ports in Basra were closed to traffic in the 1990s.

    For most of the time between 2004 and 2007 taking this road was considered suicidal behavior as the chance someone would be robbed or killed was too high.
    But with the tribal awakening in Anbar that cleared large parts of the province from al-Qaeda the highway is expected to be safer, but how much safer?

    My family returned yesterday from a vacation in Syria and they have used this road twice in six weeks. I had tried hard to convince them not to do that and take a flight instead but now after hearing their story I’m convinced that my fear was not justified; the road is safe…

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