Biggest Financier Of Al Qaeda In Iraq In Custody

 If true this could be very big news… that will likely not make it to the Old Media Headlines.

(RTTNews) – The Pentagon has announced the arrest of an Al Qaeda financier who smuggled $100 million into Iraq during the past few months to finance terrorist operations in the terror-torn country.

A Pentagon release said the extremist financier, whose identity is undisclosed, was arrested during a coalition raid on Tuesday near Baghdad. Sourcing money from supporters outside Iraq, he used to employ 40 to 50 extremists for bomb attacks against coalition forces, paying each one a remuneration of $3,000.

The financier is suspected of traveling to foreign countries to acquire financial support for terrorist activities as well as operating a network of financing cells across Iraq, pumping $50,000 to al Qaeda each month.

He is also accused of purchasing explosives and weapons used in the attacks, the report said.

Multi-National Forces Iraq Press Release

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  1. Possum

    Let me guess….Soros?

  2. LMAO:

    Possum I wish I had thought of that line first…

    Thank You


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