Crackdown on Illegals in LA

ICE Cracks down on Illegals in Los Angeles in a big way.  It is a good start but still got lots more to do.

Feds Crack Down on Illegals

More than 1,300 suspected illegal immigrants were arrested in the Los Angeles area over the past two weeks as part of what the government called the “largest ever” crackdown of its kind.

The US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency said Wednesday its Fugitive Operations Teams targeted illegal immigrants who committed violent crimes or those who ignored deportation orders.

More than 1,100 of the detainees were from Mexico, whose border is only 250 kilometers (155 miles) south of Los Angeles.

The rest of the illegal immigrants detained include citizens of Armenia, India, Indonesia, Jordan and Peru.

More than 600 of the detainees have already been deported to their home countries, officials said.

“ICE’s Fugitive Operations Teams make a priority of cases involving those who have ignored orders to leave our country and those who pose a threat to our communities,” ICE Assistant Secretary Julie Myers said in a statement.

“The 1,300 taken into custody by ICE in the past two weeks include numerous suspected street gang members, as well as aliens convicted of sex offenses, assaults and kidnapping.”

I guess they all didn’t come here to pick lettuce.. It would be interesting to see the number of illegals that had Fake ID’s or used Identity theft to get jobs etc.

  1. How much crackdown are they really doing when the borders are wide open? Or when the banks are giving loans and credit cards to illegal immigrants? If that Amnesty bill had passed a couple of months ago, that would have given citizenship to all illegal gang members, as long as they signed a paper saying they’re quitting the gang. This is merely saying “look how good of a job we’re doing… we arrested 1,300 illegals,” while border patrols are being sent to Iraq to teach them about guarding borders.
    It’s all a show.

  2. Dinarn;

    You make some valid points which supports what I have been saying all along… We need Comprehensive Immigration Reform… One that does NOT include an Amnesty provision, but does enable law enforcement to actually enforce the law, enhance our border security, and one that allows employers to verify the citizenship status of those they hire, and stiff penalties for those employers that don’t.

    As far as the various raids across the country New York, Chicago, and LA are the ones that I know about… being all show… that remains to be seen.. What happens to those illegals that are detained will be the tell tale sign… If they are released with only a promise to appear, the whole process will be nothing but a show…

    Each ICE operation requires cooperation with State and Local Law Enforcement… There are many States and Cities that have hindered and even prohibited that cooperation. The Federal government deserves much criticism for years of poor enforcement of immigration laws, but the State and Local Governments deserve a great deal of criticism as well.

    Thanks for your comment..


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