Iran Denies existance of Nuke facility

The Iranian regime denied the existence of the Natanz facility as well when reports of it first surfaced…  

From VOA News  

Iran has categorically denied claims that it is building a secret underground military nuclear facility near its existing complex at Natanz in the central part of the country.

Iranian nuclear official Javad Vaeedi issued the denial in a statement to Iranian media Friday. He said the allegations are designed to destroy what he called the “positive climate” created by Iran’s cooperation on the nuclear issue.

Thursday, the opposition group National Council of Resistance of Iran said the Tehran government was building an underground facility about five kilometers from the Natanz complex.

The exile group told a news conference in Paris that the new facility would be operational in six months. The claim could not be independently verified.

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  1. jp

    It is about time that we used some force on these places to show that we mean business. Lets stop the pussyfooting around about it and take it out.

  2. RD

    Take what out? A facility that may or may not exist? Is the answer for everything to commit more military atrocities?

    Everyone should keep in mind that it was an exile group that informed us of the Iraqi WMD and we saw how true that was.

    There has been no confirmation of any plans by the Iranians to build any type of nuclear weapons system. By now we ought to know better than to believe something just because some unidentified person said so.

    The Bush administration followed this path once in Iraq and we all see how well that has gone. The definition of STUPID is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

  3. DaChew

    It doesn’t exist? Great! When we bomb the place, we won’t hurt anything then right?

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