Iran may be building secret underground Nuke Facility

If true this would definately be in violation Non Proliferation Treaties, and if its nucler program is purely for peaceful purposes why go to such extents to hide it?? 

An Iranian opposition group says the Iranian government is building a secret underground military nuclear facility near its existing complex at Natanz in the central part of the country.

The opposition National Council of Resistance of Iran made the assertion at a news conference in Paris Thursday. The claim cannot be independently verified, and the group did not provide any evidence.

The group said its information came from sources within Iran, and indicates that the underground facility is five kilometers from the Natanz complex and will be operational in six months.

The source of the information is questionable, though they have provided accurate information in the past about Iran’s nuclear sites.

The group five years ago disclosed information about two hidden nuclear sites, including the one at Natanz, helping uncover Iran’s nuclear program. However, the group has made other claims in the past that have not been verified.

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Other News Coverage: Gulf Daily News, Melbourne Herald Sun 

  1. Mjuni

    You know, what you are doing is to spread a lie among the American people through your powerful non ethical media so that to prepare them psychologically whenever US government attack the innocent people of Iran or do something bold about iran

    This wont serve you any purpose except destruction to your fellow human beings , and you should be ashamed of yourselves for all these propaganda you are trying to spread.

    Will you be so happy to see people of Iran suffering just to materialize your wishes of World Supremacy?

    Through these very same media, you spread propaganda toward the iraq nation and now see hundreds and thousands men,women and children dying .

    stop spinning news, report what have exactly occured ,dont put your personal views on the news .
    look at this statement from your own report and try to figure out what you are trying to spin here :
    “The source of the information is questionable, though they have provided accurate information in the past about Iran’s nuclear sites”

    you are trying to legalize their questionable source of information just because in the past they provided accurate information.what a shame!!!

    the truth shall prevail propaganda seves only the slaves of hatred and war mongers

  2. Mjuni:

    What I am doing here is exercising my right of Free Speech… Which is something that folks in China, Iran, & Burma are for the most part unable to do.

    As for my statement that the source of the information is questionable… How exactly did I spin it??

    It is the political arm of an organization that is opposed to the Iranian Regime which would have motive to put out false information. That is why I questioned the accuracy of the report. The Fact that the same organization provided information that led to the discovery of the Natanz facility that Iran had previously denied existed, gives an awful lot of credability to the accuracy of the report.

    I could have included the detail that was included in The Gulf Daily News, which also adds a bit more credability to the accuracy of the report. I could also have described it as a bomb-proof underground site for developing nuclear weapons, as the Melbourne Hearlad Sun did.

    I have absolutely nothing against the people of Iran, and the last thing I want to see is a War between the U.S. & Iran… I do however feel very strongly that unless Iran comes clean about its nuclear program, and provides unrestricted access to the IAEA of ALL Iranian nuclear facilities and programs, a military confrontation is not that far off.

    Unfortunately Iran doesn’t have that good a track record when it comes to being open, honest, forthcoming and transparent with the IAEA or anyone else for that matter.
    The fact that an opposition group had to disclose the existance of the Natanz facility is damning evidence of that.

    Have a nice Day

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