Edwards Forclosures not going to help him in Iowa

The Edwards campaign has a few problems… actually a lot of problems, but I am only going to focus on one in this post.  His campaign message is one that claims to be focused on ending poverty.  His lavish lifestyle though ($400 haircuts, and a 5 Million home in North Carolina) could be driving wedges between him and those he wants to get that message to. Now his involvement with the same Fortress Investment Group that is forecloseing on over 100 Iowa homeowners could definately put his campaign in the hurt locker…

Edwards got $479,500 for 14 months of part time work…. I guess that is one way to alleviate poverty… for him anyway.

From the DesMoines Register

A total of 107 Iowa homeowners were foreclosed upon by subprime mortgage companies owned by Fortress Investment Group while Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards was associated with the equity company, court records show.

Fortress foreclosures have occurred in other states, but the Iowa cases bring Edwards’ tie to subprime lending to the leadoff presidential nominating state, where he has staked his political future.

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