First Cup September 26th


Convicted Terrorist Lawyer to Teach Legal Ethics… 

Lynne Stewart, who was CONVICTEDof conspiring with terrorist Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman, will be speaking October 16 at Hofstra Law School’s Legal Ethics: Lawyering on the Edge, in Hempstead, New York.

So what will Hofstra do next, Invite Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to give a lecture on Human rights???

Hat tip to Stop the ACLU

Supreme Court to decide Voter ID Laws

The Supreme Court agreed on Tuesday to decide whether laws that require voters to take government-issued photo identification to the polls place an unconstitutional burden on the right to vote.

The justices, whose new term begins on Monday, will hear the case in January and decide it by early summer, in time to settle for the 2008 election an issue that is generating fiercely partisan litigation and conflicting rulings around the country.

Both parties have been guilty of Voter Fraud in the past and while Voter ID Laws will not put an end to all the shenanigans, it is certainly a step in the right direction.

Hsu raised big money for Clinton supporters

Disgraced fund-raiser Norman Hsu did a lot more than just pump $850,000 into Hillary Clinton’s campaign bank account: He also raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for local, state, and federal candidates who have endorsed Clinton or whose support she courted.

So Where is Nancy Pelosi demanding Congressional Investigations into the Clinton Culture of Corruption? Norman Hsu does have a bright side in his future though… Maybe Hofstra will invite him to teach Ethics in Campaign Fund-raising…  


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