Is there anyone who honestly thought Dems were serious about instituting some ethical standards on Pork Spending? If so thier hopes and dream have just been shattered.  And they can thank “Ringside Harry Reid” for keeping the corruption option on the table.

From the Blotter

When no one was looking, someone cut a hole out of the Democrats’ much-hyped ethics bill. A watchdog group which caught it suspects the Democrats of undermining their own effort to clean up Capitol Hill.

Dubbed “the biggest reform effort in a generation” by its sponsor, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., the Legislative Transparency and Accountability Act of 2007 represented the Democrats’ plan “to change the way Washington works.”

Legislative Transparency… Yeah Right… Is it Transparent how the language was changed After the Senate voted on it  and the President signed it into law?

When asked for comment on the change, a spokesman for Reid told the Blotter on, “In the course of finalizing the ethics law, we refined various provisions to make them rational, workable and cohesive.” Of the final version, he said it “provides ample public disclosure of earmarks in a workable fashion.”

Sen. Tom Coburn, R-Okla., a longtime antagonist of the earmarking system, disagreed.

“Voters who expected greater transparency and openness in Washington won’t be pleased to learn about another round of secrecy and deception,” he said.

The disclosure provision was meant to cut down on earmark abuse — instances where lawmakers use earmarks to funnel taxpayer money to pet projects or businesses belonging to major campaign donors.

It is thoroughly amazing that Congress still manages to get an astonishingly high 11% approval rating…

Hang Right Politics has more on the Corruption in Congress


  1. KUT

    “In trying to adopt such ambitions as his own, Bush hopes to regain the initiative after his party lost Congress in November and to counter his reputation as a president who took a budget surplus and turned it into record deficits, analysts said. Bush has never proposed a balanced budget since it went into deficit, never vetoed a spending bill when Republicans controlled Congress and offered little sustained objection to earmarks until the issue gained political traction last year.

    But now for the first time since he took office, both parties have set a mutual target for eliminating the deficit — an implicit agreement that raises the profile of the issue and may create a political imperative that prods the two sides to find ways to meet the goal or be held accountable for failing.”

    If that not enough check out this graph by the Heritage Foundation:

    The R’s pratically perfected the science of earmarking.

  2. Indeed.

    It is fairly obvious that the Republicans are the culture of taking money. Earmarking and constituent loitering are all firmly embedded in the party.

    Not saying that the Dems are much better, but their appeal lies in not ignoring the rest of the population in favor of their class and friends. The present GOP has consistently proven to be ineffective at listening or even caring about social problems. The means to the end are not bothersome, because they must meet the “ends” promised to those who give them money. Even if it means being the most corrupted Administration/Congressperson.

    And Tom “Tommygun” Coburn should be more worried about the growing liberal motions in his state than trying to point out the corruption that lies in both parties.

    Pointing fingers only leads to an inspection of one’s hands.

  3. Kut:

    It is true that President Bush never once cast a VETO on a spending bill from the Republican congress, and also true that Many Republicans in both the House and Senate abused the Earmark System. Many of those Republicans like Senators Lott & Stevens have been criticized on this blog for doing exactly that.

    It is the Democrats that promised the most ethical Congress Ever..

    It is the Democrats who made “Culture of Corruption” a campaign slogan… Turns out that a slogan is all that it was..

    Lots of Republicans have written the book on Earmarks… Democrats have a few chapters in that book too.

  4. Mcclaud;

    In most situations, whatever the problem is, the solution to that problem is not going to be found in some new Federal Program.

    You don’t think that Pelosi, Feinstein, Boxer, Murtha etc.. push very hard to benefit their friends and supporters at the expense of everyone else??

    What Social Problems is the Federal Government supposed to solve, and why is it the Federal Governments responsibility to solve it?

  5. So the bottom line is that dem voters support this corruption because the dems spread the profits to the desired special interests whereas the republicans line their own pockets.

    Um. No. That’s the kind of niavete that reelects dems time after time.

    Representative Jefferson seems unwilling to share his refrigerator money… and Real Estate Reid likes to use environmental laws to adjust the value of property he owns. Feinstein sits on a committee that allocates projects to a family owned company.

    Democrats are great at redistributing wealth – from the American taxpayer to their own bank accounts.

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