Normally I put a few news posts in here, today though I will be a bit busy so blogging will be light.  So instead of News articles here are a few posts from other blgos that are well worth the read.. You might notice that all those linked to here are conservative blogs… I tried to find an intelligent post on some of the left leaning blogs… but finding an insightful post in a liberal blog is like finding leftovers in Michael Moore’s refrigerator. It’s Just not gonna happen..

First a couple posts from the Twin Cities Conservative:

Democrats Have Betrayed The Trust Of The American People 

To follow up on my article Democrats Are Willing To Destroy Anyone For Political Power, MoveOn.Org’s full page article in the New York Times last week accused General David Petraeus of Betraying Us the American people but that fault belongs with the Democratic Party. In November 2006, the American people went to the voting booth hoping to put people into power in Washington who promised a utopia for them. This nation is at war but it seems the average person ignores the reality of the crisis we face. They want a quick fix. End the war and bring the troops home and we’ll live happily ever after. Everyone single person young and old needs to educate themselves as to who we are fighting and why.  

Unfortunately the typical solution that Democrats have for tough problems is to pretend those problems dont’t exist, and hope they go away.  A perfect example of this is how the Clinton Administration addressed the rise of Islamic Fundamentalism in the 90’s.. Essentially they did nothing, but the problem didn’t go away.

Another Post from The Twin Cities Conservative I liked 

Vietnam part II

Like Vietnam, a Democratically-controlled Congress is abandoning the troops and betraying its allies in the region. In the early 1970’s, it was South Vietnam to which the Democrats betrayed; now it’s the Iraqi government, if not its citizens. Despite attempts from anyone with an ounce of common sense to illustrate the grave consequences of leaving Iraq precipitously, the Democrats, fueled by the anti-war Left, are OUT OF CONTROL.

Perhaps due to their elitism and progressive believe that they are smarter than those not like them, the Democrats have refused to listen to reason, instead they have focused their hatred on President Bush, thus attempting to country’s foundation. Furthermore, one would think that because the Left typically consists of academics and diplomats, they would not traverse the same road as they did in the Vietnam era.

The extreme left carried signs saying “Peace Now” and demanding our forces withdraw from South East Asia. The US succumbed to the political pressure from the left and withdrew our forces. The end result was that Millions of people died at the hands of totalitarian regimes after the US withdrew its forces from SE Asia. Democrats today like Obama, and Clinton are campaigning on repeating history. Sadly the millions of people in Iraq who bravely went to the polls on three different occasions to express their desire for freedom are the ones who will suffer the immediate consequences of an American withdrawal from Iraq.  They will be the ones who will face extermination at the hands of terrorists. Clinton and Obama will have an awful lot of blood on their hands but I guess they will have their Peace NowFaultline USA has an interesting Post, here is an excerpt;

Pledging Your Moral Stand for Immigrants Rights

If you are a member of any denominational church in America there’s a good chance that in the coming weeks and months you may be asked to sign a pledge that you will take “a public, moral stand for immigrant’s rights.” Many of the United Methodist, United Church of Christ, Unitarian Universalist and the Disciples of Christ churches actively support The New Sanctuary Movement. Other mainline denominations and some Evangelical churches support other pro immigrant movements. Often you can find links to the New Sanctuary Movement and similar pro immigration links on your denominations’ World, Global, or immigrant ministries web pages.

Here’s part of The New Sanctuary Pledge:

. . .We stand together in our faith that everyone, regardless of national origin, has basic common rights,including but not limited to: 1) livelihood; 2) family unity; and 3) physical and emotional safety. Wewitness the violation of these rights under current immigration policy, particularly in the separation ofchildren from their parents due to unjust deportations, and in the exploitation of immigrant workers. Weare deeply grieved by the violence done to families through immigration raids. We cannot in goodconscience ignore such suffering and injustice.

Isn’t it interesting that the left always stresses immigrant rights but never immigrant responsibilities, and conversely, the left always stresses American citizen’s responsibilities to immigrants but never mentions American citizen’s rights?

Church groups are deeply grieved by current immigration policy separating families… So am I… and since Illegal Immigrants likely have a hell of a lot more family members in thier home country than they do here we need to increase those immigration raids, deportation proceedings, and hold accountable all those who facilitate the various criminal enterprises associated with illegal immigration. It doesn’t matter if they are the United Methodist Church harboring illegals, Tyson Foods Hiring illegals, or a Coyote smuggling illegals across the border. They are all guilty of enabling the enabling illegal immigration and the associated crimes to continue.   From Right Truth

America’s Safety Threatened in Germany, Russia

Southern Germany is a hub for Islamic Jihad; Germany has huge financial ties to Iran; Russia has stockpiles of chemical weapons. This is your world.

Southern German Towns Become Hub of Jihadism, (World Politics Review)

NEU-ULM/ULM, Germany — And once again the trail leads to Neu-Ulm. One of the three presumed members of an Islamic terror group arrested earlier this month in Germany comes from Ulm. The 28-year-old Fritz G. is supposed even to have been the ringleader of the group, which is accused of planning bomb attacks on the Frankfurt Airport and the U.S. military base in Ramstein.

If the accusations should turn out to be true, then they provide renewed evidence that plans for terror attacks have been hatched in Ulm and Neu-Ulm and that it is from here that the terrorists have set out to realize their plans.

The Global War on Terror is just that.. A Global War. We have two choices we can either confront the terrorists or we can surrender to the terror and Islamic despots…

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