Sanctuary Church gets a bill

Good!!! Can we send bills to sanctuary cities now too… It is afterall the same ill-conceived action taken on a much bigger scale…  

A church that is sheltering an illegal immigrant from Mexico and her U.S.-born infant son will be billed nearly $40,000 for the city police presence during a weekend protest, officials said.

Mayor Paul Miller, who called United Church of Christ congregants irresponsible for “harboring an illegal immigrant,” told the City Council Monday that he was ready to issue the $39,306 invoice right away.

The church’s decision to shelter the woman provoked the Sunday protest, which required a police presence, officials said.

“This City Council has the obligation to protect all citizens in the community against any potential violence as a result of these ill- conceived actions,” Miller said.

Full Story Here

  1. That’s great news! More on the Sanctuary movement in my blog today . . .

    While the left is pulling out all the stops and mounting its biggest push to get congress to pass the Dream Act, we conservatives are overlooking a vital resource – American Christian church goers. Leftist infiltration of all Christian denominations, to some extent, is pervasive. Soon many Christians of all denominations will be asked to sign a Sanctuary pledge for immigrant rights. And on October 8th Christians of all denominations will be asked by the National Council of Churches to pray and fast to end “an unnecessary, morally abhorrent, and disastrous” war in Iraq!

    No matter what your religion or even if you don’t have a religion, it is vital to get the word out to those practicing Christians who have been increasingly subjected to leftist indoctrination.

    You can check out your own denomination by following the provided links.

    Read the article at Faultline USA

  2. Yeah, imagine all those poor indoctrinated Christians, imagining that Jesus isn’t so cool with destroying other people’s countries and wrapping agressive war in the banner of the Cross! Next thing you know, all of America’s good white middle class Christians will start noticing all those filthy pagan brown people building their suburban homes and serving their kids fast food and getting slaughtered in America’s imperial wars. They might even start praying for all those people, here and in Iraq, which is a bad sign. It might end in reading the Gospels- truly subversive literature- and taking them seriously.

    The sooner the Church wakes up and stops whoring the Body of Christ out to the war-mongering pseudoconservative right-wing politicos, the better. I suggest perusing the Old Testament prophets for an idea of what God thinks of those who lead His people into idolatry, murder, and injustice. He is a jealous Bridegroom.

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